Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Fight

The gift bags that Shen Zhengyao had been carrying were all scattered on the floor. He did not care either and could merely watched the scene before his eyes in shock. When he used to visit the Yun family, he had bumped into his youngest uncleYun Muzhongand his youngest auntYang Siruin a fight, where she had complained that he did not care about the family. Back then, he already had his suspicions and had warned his aunt to be more wary. However, due to a series of events plaguing the Shen family, he had not paid too much mind.

Little did he imagine that his suspicions back then would come true. Shen Zhengyao thought about the events that afflicted the Shen family, but yet Yun Muzhong was indulging himself in drinks and pleasures, and wrapping himself in romance. Feelings of rage surged through his head, and he tightly clenched his fists placed by his sides.

"Aiya, I don't like this. I have eaten enough."

"What my darling wants to eat, I would buy it all for her. We have no shortage of money." Yun Muzhong used his hands and pinched the woman's cheeks as he giggled.

"Annoying. You sure know how to coddle me. I am worn out by walking back and forth on usual days, and I still have to squeeze with others on the public transport"

"Yes, darling. I will buy everything that you want. When we return, I will buy you a sports car"

With a 'mwah', the woman flirtatiously sealed a kiss on Yun Muzhong's lips. The couple fooled around without regard for the others around them.

This scene made Shen Zhengyao so agitated that the veins on his forehead were twitching. He instantly darted forward, and flung the woman away with one move. He then firmly grabbed onto Yun Muzhong's collar and delivered a tight punch. A 'slam' was heard, and Yun Muzhong was hurled out with a punch. He slammed onto the ground, and was instantly shell-shocked.

The woman who had just pulled away by Shen Zhengyao yelled with her hands on her hips, "Who are you? Why are you hitting him? You are hitting him with no provocation at all. What you are doing is illegal"

After speaking a few words, she noticed Yun Muzhong who had been slammed onto the ground and exclaimed, "Aiya, Muzhong. What happened to you? Aiyaya, you're bleeding. How dare you hit someone in broad daylight? I will call the police immediately" Right after talking, she took her phone to make a call.

Furious, Shen Zhengyao pulled at his own collar and glared condescendingly at the woman who was dressed promiscuously. He found her rather familiar, but could not put his finger on it momentarily. "Ah, who am i? This person is my youngest uncle. You asked who I am? Who do you think you are, mistress? Get lost before it's too late. The Yun family is not one where someone of your caliber can enter. Watch out, I might deal with you."

Hearing that, Wang Qiuge was displeased. She pulled Yun Muzhong up from the ground and crossed her arms while she laughed. "Who am I? According to what I know, the Yun family does not have a nephew like you. Which family do you belong to? What rights do you have to have a say in our matters? Matters of the Yun family will not end up managed by you. I, Wang Qiuge, will remember what transpired today. You do not belong to the Yun family, and are not even worth anything."

As Shen Zhengyao heard the three words 'Wang Qiuge', his scalp turned numb. She was the newly debuted young model, whom rumors had it that she had solid backers. She had been flourishing ever since she began her entertainment career.

After he calmed down, Shen Zhengyao truly felt somewhat regretful. However, it was impossible for him to back down now.

When Yun Muzhong regained his consciousness after his daze, he ruthlessly glared at Shen Zhengyao. He said coldly, "Shen Zhengyao, you are not in the position to meddle with my affairs. You better manage your Shen family matters well yourself." The unspoken implication of his words was that this time, Shen Zhengyao had offended him, and he would never ever interfere with the Shen family matters again.

"Yun Muzhong, don't forget that your mother is my great aunt, and her surname is Shen!"

"Shen Zhengyao, you are truly growing more and more disgraceful. I am your youngest uncle. Should you be addressing me by my name? In the past, your Shen family had leached so much off the Yun family. Don't bite the hand that fed you!"