Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Murderous Intent

Being stared at by Yun Bixue, Shen Zhengyao didn't know if he should sit or stand. He remained stiff there for a period of time.

Yun Bixue shrugged her shoulders at Xie Limo and said, "Mr Xie, it seems like he does not accept your graciousness and does not want to sit. Sigh, I reckon he is used to sitting in the luxurious seats of the Shen family, and it not accustomed to sitting in this icy cold chair."

Yun Bixue put on a sighing face, her words seemingly hinting at something else. How could Shen Zhengyao not have caught on? He planted himself on the chair. As a result of exerting too much force, he almost fell over the back of the seat.

Xie Limo watched Shen Zhengyao's expressions and asked coolly, "Mr Shen, what brings you here?"

Shen Zhengyao glanced at Yun Bixue, wanting to speak yet stopping himself.

Xie Limo replied plainly, "Mr Shen, you may simply speak your mind. Bixue is my wife. Mr Shen, please understand that if your Shen family was not associated with the Yun family, you would never be able to meet me."

That sort of words served an instant kill. Although it made Shen Zhengyao extremely uncomfortable, he had no room for retreat now. For the sake of the Shen family, he had to go all out. "I beg for Young Master Xie to save my Shen family! I understand that Young Master Xie is busy, but I am truly at a loss of what to do. I can only beg you, Young Master Xie!"

Xie Limo looked at Shen Zhengyao and purposefully pretended to be doubtful. "Mr Shen, I am afraid you have got the wrong person! The Shen family has been under investigations and then sequestrated. Although I might be the ruler of Ning An City, I am still unable to interfere and commit fraud."

With just a sentence, Xie Limo simply unrelentingly rejected Shen Zhengyao. It was apparent that he did not want to help, but what could he do to him?

Shen Zhengyao's complexion turned pale and he stood up abruptly. Pleading earnestly, he asked, "Young Master Xie, I know you must have some solutions. As long as you are willing to step in, the Shen family would surely be alright."

At the side, Yun Bixue sniggered and said, "Shen Zhengyao, you truly overestimate yourself. Who are you to come beg once, and then think that your Shen family would be fine? This is definitely the biggest joke in the world." As she spoke, Yun Bixue slammed the table, and her gaze turned cold and dominating.

Shen Zhengyao watched Yun Bixue behaving in such a manner, and an odd expression flashed across his eyes. He could only constantly arch over his back that he had straightened back in the past. "Yun Bixue, in any case, the Shen and Yun family are related, you cannot leave us in the lurch!"

"Haha, leave you in the lurch? Shen Zhengyao, do you take me for an idiot, or do you take Limo for a fool? Didn't your Shen family tried to kill me initially? Could you have forgotten about the car accident, and the strangling accident on the hospital bed? Do you have a bad memory and have forgotten everything?"

Watching the murderous look on Yun Bixue's face, Shen Zhengyao's heart thumped and he grew restless. He had thought that with that incident back then, Yun Bixue would be gone without a trace. He had never expected for his plan to fail, and for her to continue living well and suppressing Old Lady Shen.

"Yun Bixue, that was a misunderstanding. The Shen family has never tried to murder you!"

Yun Bixue laughed coldly and then crossed her arms as she lurched forward. She grabbed onto Shen Zhengyao's neck and said, "I'll let you have a taste of how that person choked me at that time. How does it feel? Asphyxiation feels rather good right? Or would you continue to lie?"

"Cough cough" At that moment, Shen Zhengyao grew fearful. He could really feel the murderous intent from Yun Bixue. His soles started to sweat and his heart could not help but shiver.

Also, he didn't know why but he was absolutely incapable of retaliating at that point of time. Yun Bixue's strength of her clutch was skillful, and he didn't even have an opportunity to struggle.

Just as Shen Zhengyao was losing his breath, Yun Bixue released him all of a sudden. His whole body went limp and glided onto the ground. He coughed and inhaled incessantly, as if he was greedy for air.