Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Was I Too Fierce?

Yun Bixue stood there, condescendingly peering down at Shen Zhengyao. She said with disdain, "Shen Zhengyao, has your mind been cleared enough? Why are you still requesting me to help the Shen family now?"

Shen Zhengyao's mind was blank yet cluttered. Straining his neck, he raised his head and looked at Yun Bixue as he said, "Yun Bixue, what happened that day had been single-handedly planned by Old Lady Shen. It has nothing to do with the Shen family."

Enraged, Yun Bixue stomped on Shen Zhengyao's hand and asked, "Shen Zhengyao, are you still trying to deny?"

Being crushed under her stilettos, Shen Zhengyao winced loudly in pain, "Ah Yun Bixue You are so vicious"

Yun Bixue forcefully stomped several more times, ensuring that the bones in Shen Zhengyao's fingers had already fractured before releasing her foot. "Shen Zhengyao, I think you have failed to clearly see your standing. The Old Witch Shen had single-handedly planned it, and it had nothing to do with your Shen family? Being the grandson that Old Master Yun have the greatest hopes for, you had participated a great deal in it! If Xie Limo and I hadn't been blessed with a strong life, it would be unclear how many times we would have perished under your schemes. Should I count? Or do you think that we are foolish, and not know that your Shen family's men of sacrifice are part of Limo's assassination team?"

As he listened, Shen Zhengyao was completely flabbergasted. He abruptly widened his eyes, no longer concerned about his pain. The men of sacrifice were the most classified matters, how did Yun Bixue learn about it?

He's done for. They knew about what the Shen family had done. Not only would they not save the Shen family, what the Shen family did would most likely

Shen Zhengyao's hands trembled, as he pointed at Yun Bixue and demanded, "Were you the one who did those things to the Shen family?"

"So what if I were the one who did it, and so what if I wasn't? You are not qualified to point fingers at me and interrogate me. Don't forget you're now begging others for help. You need to maintain the stance of a beggar." At that moment, Yun Bixue felt that it was exhilarating to step all over Shen Zhengyao.

"Great, great, Yun Bixue, you are truly evil-minded!"

Yun Bixue shrugged her shoulders and replied indifferently, "Shen Zhengyao, don't think that you can label me wicked just because your skills are not as adequate. You have committed many acts in the dark. You caused the grandson of the Lin family to fall off the cliff, didn't you? You also managed to hook up with the daughter of the Feng family by pulling tricks secretly. The Zhao family"

As he listened to Yun Bixue list them down one by one, Shen Zhengyao almost lost his consciousness. It was too terrifying; how did she uncover all these?

After completing her words, Yun Bixue plainly continued, "Although these families are merely small households, if they were to learn of all these news, do you think you would still lead a comfortable life?"

Shen Zhengyao shook his head and said, "No No. Yun Bixue, you cannot do this. You can't"

With a kick, Yun Bixue flung away the hand that Shen Zhengyao reached out. She warned coldly, "This is the price your Shen family has to pay for attempting to kill Xie Limo and I. I will caution you beforehandyou better be prepared to handle what's coming up!"

In the end, Shen Zhengyao was battered all over by Yun Bixue, suffering cuts and bruises all over. He was even thrown out of the door.

After settling Shen Zhengyao, Yun Bixue entered the office and noticed Xie Limo, who remained calm and unruffled in the midst of the chaos. She stared blankly for a while, and then lowered her head. She stuck out her tongue, bit on her nails, and asked timidly, "Erm, Limo, was I too violent earlier on? Was I too fierce?" It was terrible. She had actually forgotten about Xie Limo, and entirely revealed her murderous aura.

Xie Limo gently laughed and rose elegantly. He went forward and lugged Yun Bixue into his embrace as he said, "This is I, Xie Limo's wife. Your husband is very satisfied with your performance earlier on." She never failed to surprise him. Moreover, the kind of matron that the Xie family needed was exactly like Yun Bixue. He was firm that she would definitely be competent enough to fill that position.