Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Wait for Me to Fetch You

Zhou Yang lowered his head to hide the emotions written in his eyes. He said, "Lengxian, because you are too naive, I am afraid that you might be taken advantage of. In reality, I am implying that you are too stupid and I have to expend effort to guide you.

Of course, Su Lengxian could not understand Zhou Yang's state of mind. Also, she had focused entirely on her elder brother. When she thought of Zhou Yang, she would look for him. If she had not thought of him, she would naturally cast him aside.

Although having such a presence, Zhou Yang was rather useful as Su Lengxian walked along her increasingly crooked path.

After Su Lengxian left, Zhou Yang conveyed the news that he had just learned to his master through a special route.

After careful selection, Xie Liu would personally report to Xie Limo.

"Young Master Xie, should we still continue following such a small fry like Su Lengxian?"

Xie Limo elegantly sipped on his tea and answered leisurely, "Small fries can also serve their purpose. The point of laying out such a trap is to avenge Bixue. I won't let anyone who had hurt her or made her sad before off, understand?"

Xie Liu replied courteously, "Young Master Xie, I understand." After serving by Young Master Xie's side for so many years, he never knew that Young Master Xie could pamper a woman to such an extent.

Even he did not have an ounce of a care for people whom he treated like insects. Yet, Young Master had effortfully cast an invisible web, just to avenge his wife.

He knew the consequences of offending his Madam, and hence one could get on the wrong side of anyone else, but just not Miss Yun. This saying had been circulating around Ning An City and it was not groundless.

As for what Xie Limo had secretly been doing for her, Yun Bixue was not aware of it. At that point in time, she was in the old mansion. She listened to Yang Mei's work reports, straightening out all the tasks that she had arranged during this period of time.

Within a short period of time, the Shen family would definitely send their men of sacrifice. Hence, she also wanted to activate the Yun family's men of sacrifice to ensure Xie Limo's safety. As the time she spent with Xie Limo grew, her heart grew meeker. Therefore, she could not allow any dangers to happen to Xie Limo.

"Also, keep an eye on Old Master Shen and Old Lady Shen. These two individuals are key."

Yang Mei replied courteously, "Yes." As long as her master instructed her, she would arrange for her subordinates to perform well.

When Yun Bixue was about to leave to return home, pillow-soft snow fell outdoors. She only realized afterward that it had already been winter. This was also the first snowfall of the year.

Watching the speckless snowflakes danced in the air, her heart also followed suit and calmed down.

Just as she stood there and spaced out, her phone rang. It was Xie Limo. Yun Bixue's eyes warmed up and she picked up the call.

"Where are you? It's snowing. I will fetch you."

Hearing the warm and concerned voice through the phone, Yun Bixue laughed, "Mr. Xie, how did you know I was not at home?"

"I noticed that it was snowing outside and called home. Mother informed me that you have yet to return. You wore little clothes today. Don't wander around, I will fetch you."

The corners of Yun Bixue's lips involuntarily curled up. "Mr. Xie, are you treating me like a child? Don't worry, I won't let myself freeze."

She only heard a leisurely soft sigh transmitting through the phone. "My dear, you are also aware that you are not a child. Be good and wait for me."

Yun Bixue felt warm inside. She was a woman and also desired for someone to coddle and love her. In the past, she dared not have any wild wishes, but Xie Limo had given her everything. She felt that regardless of how heavy the snowfall was, or how cold the weather turned, her heart would remain warm.

Over the phone, Xie Limo insisted. Yun Bixue hence relayed her location to him and waited inside the house. She couldn't deny that it felt wonderful to have someone caring for her and fetching her home in such cold weather.