Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Only Protective Towards You

Since it was a snowy day, the number of cars on the road was relatively low. Many people were waiting by the roadside to hail a taxi.

There were also gorgeously dressed women whose eyes lit up when they noticed the luxurious car. They attempted to hitch a ride; perhaps they could hook up with a wealthy man.

However, they had all miscalculated. Not only did Xie Limo not look at them at all, he even swerved the car around and drifted outwards, almost brushing across the corners of their clothes.

These women failed to hitch a ride on Xie Limo's car; they almost took their last breaths instead.

Some of them landed flat on their bottoms, unable to calm their spirits. They had almost lost their lives just now.

Through the rear-view mirror, Yun Bixue could clearly see the scene behind the car. She asked, "Young Master Xie, shouldn't you feel more protective towards the fairer sex?" She watched the women turn pale with horror, not even noticing how cold it was despite sitting on the snow.

Xie Limo gently gazed at Yun Bixue and said, "My wife should know that I'm only protective towards one person."

Yun Bixue's face turned red. Every time she heard him talk like that, she would still feel shy.

Noticing how Yun Bixue appeared rather flustered, Xie Limo stopped teasing her and instead focused on driving. As they passed through a crossroad, he saw that two cars had collided into each other up ahead, blocking off the road.

Amidst the wind and snow, the sounds of an argument could vaguely be heard. However, Yun Bixue was astonishedwasn't that Meng Xinyan and Yun Mengshi? Why were they arguing?

"Miss Meng, in any case, you are still the top socialite. How could you recklessly slam into my car?" Yun Mengshi looked at her car and felt rather depressed. Young Master Su had recently gifted her that car.

With fiery eyes, Meng Xinyan glared at the vehicle. According to her sources, this car had been given to Yun Mengshi by Su Lenghan, which provoked her resentment. "Yun Mengshi, it's a snowy day and my car swerved by accident. It couldn't be helped, and I definitely didn't do it on purpose. You're the one who drove too fast. I couldn't react fast enough to press on the brakes."

Yun Mengshi continued speaking in a weak and pitiful tone, "Miss Meng, my car has just been bought recently. How can I go home like this?"

Aggravated, Meng Xinyan replied, "Yun Mengshi, did you buy this car yourself? You might have obtained this car through improper means. You don't have to put on such a pitiable front. Your Yun family couldn't possibly afford to buy this kind of car."

"Miss Meng, our Yun family is also part of the royal families in Ning An City. Who said that we can't afford cars?"

When Meng Xinyan looked at Yun Mengshi, she reminded her of Yun Bixue. She yelled furiously, "Don't forget that the Yun family has long been eradicated from the list of royal families! Anyway, isn't your father spending all his money on his mistress? You can't possibly be unaware of it, can you? So where exactly did the Yun family get the money?"

Yun Mengshi stumbled at the reminder of her father. She had no clue how Meng Xinyan found out about this matter.

Yun Bixue saw that the conflict ahead was awfully heated. After exchanging a glance with Xie Limo, she called Su Lenghan.

Su Lenghan was in his office handling the matters of his organization. Hearing the incoming call, he initially wanted to ignore it. However, after seeing Yun Bixue's name on the screen, his heart pounded inexplicably. He felt as though it had been a long time since he answered her calls, yet he still hadn't erased her number.

Su Lenghan rubbed his brows and stared squarely at his phone for a moment. After making sure that it wasn't a mistake, he finally picked up the call.


Yun Bixue heard Su Lenghan's voice through the phone and said indifferently, "Su Lenghan, I just witnessed your fiance arguing with someone else. They're almost blocking off the road, so you should come and settle this!"

Recently, she had become increasingly apathetic when she spoke to Su Lenghan. If it weren't for the sake of watching an entertaining show, she wouldn't even have made this call.