Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Provocation?

Meng Xinyan watched the arrogant Yun Bixue, and she clenched her jaw with hatred. She turned around and looked at Su Lenghan delicately as she said, "Lenghan, see how she talks to you?" As she gazed at him, she realized that Su Lenghan's line of sight had remained fixated on Yun Bixue right from the start. Her heart felt a piercing sense of dejection.

Why? She had won over Su Lenghan, but in the end, she discovered that Su Lenghan's heart had never forgotten Yun Bixue.

Could her mother's words be right? Men would only cherish what they couldn't obtain.

Yun Mengshi had originally felt wronged and upset. But now she had her older sister, Yun Bixue, and she instantly felt that she had someone to rely on. "Elder Sister?"

Yun Bixue was, in fact, also not pleased to meet the pretentious and hypocritical Yun Mengshi. However, in order to annoy Meng Xinyan, she could only gently pat Yun Mengshi on her shoulder and say comfortingly, "Don't worry. With Elder Sister around, I won't allow anyone to take advantage of you. Although our Yun family isn't the same as before, we refuse to be bullied by anyone. Isn't that right, second daughter of the Meng family?"

'Second daughter of the Meng family'this form of address pierced through Meng Xinyan's heart. Her throat tightened, and she truly wanted to rip off Yun Bixue's face. Especially when she recalled Yun Bixue's mother-in-law that day, and she grew exceptionally jealous at the thought. Su Lenghan's mother had never treated her with such kindness before.

She gripped tightly onto Su Lenghan's arm, and tears pooled in her eyes. She looked at him pitifully and delicately. "Lenghan, I I" As she spoke, she bit her lips, appearing miserable.

Every time he saw Meng Xinyan in such a state, Su Lenghan could never resist her pleas.

Yun Bixue watched this scene and firmly pinched Yun Mengshi from the side. She even lowered her voice and spoke into her ear, "Cry. I want you to bawl excessively."

Yun Mengshi hadn't intended to cry, but the pain from Yun Bixue's fingers was simply too excruciating. Her tears naturally flowed, falling at a quicker pace than Meng Xinyan.

Yun Bixue looked pleased as Yun Mengshi sobbed. She then said to Su Lenghan, "Su Lenghan, they've fallen to this state because of you. How do you want to settle this? But let me make this clear; don't think that our Yun family is an easy target."

Su Lenghan felt his head throb. He opened his mouth, about to explain something to Yun Bixue. But in the end, he sighed softly. "Miss Yun, stop crying. Xinyan rammed into your car, so it's her fault. I'll replace this car for you on another day. Will that be okay?"

Yun Mengshi's mouth gaped open in shock. "Lenghan, weren't you the one who gave me this car?"

Su Lenghan shook his head and replied, "Miss Yun, I have no reason to buy you a car." However, as he looked at the car, it indeed appeared rather familiar. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He recalled that his younger sister, Su Lengxian, had thrown a tantrum over a car. She claimed that as long as she had the car, she would no longer pester Meng Xinyan.

Could she have bought the car and given it to Yun Mengshi? Since when had Su Lengxian become so generous?

"Miss Yun, this should be the car that I bought for my younger sister. How did it end up in your hands?"

Yun Mengshi's face turned pale. "This is what Lengxian gave me. She said that you bought it for me." After revealing this, Yun Mengshi bit her lips, as if on the verge of collapse.

With his head aching, Su Lenghan knitted his brows and said, "Miss Yun, you know that I have a fiance. How could I have possibly bought a car for you?"

"No, no. That can't be"

Yun Mengshi was in disbelief, but Meng Xinyan was gloating. Indeed, Su Lenghan still cared about her. She, Meng Xinyan, was still the most important. Feeling proud, Meng Xinyan eyed Yun Mengshi provokingly.