Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Young Master Xie is Protective of His Loved Ones

Yun Bixue saw the look of provocation on Meng Xinyan's face, and a tinge of disappointment flashed across her eyes. Indeed, the more she understood Meng Xinyan, the more she felt let down by Su Lenghan's taste.

She really wondered how Su Lenghan had developed such a preference. Meng Xinyan was so predictable; if she were a man, she would never like Meng Xinyan.

But contrary to what was expected, Su Lenghan regarded her as his precious gem.

As she took another look at Yun Mengshi's weak appearance, Yun Bixue felt livid. If she wanted to put on a pretentious front, she should put more skill into her act. How could she lose her wits with just one blow from Meng Xinyan?

Meng Xinyan observed Yun Mengshi's expression and felt calmer. She said mockingly, "Lenghan, maybe Miss Yun stole Younger Sister Lengxian's car? Or perhaps she swindled Younger Sister Lengxian out of her car? After all, Yun Mengshi's father is preoccupied with maintaining his affair, and they do need the money."

Yun Mengshi yelled, "Nonsense! My father is not like that!" She could only feel her words choking in her throat, unable to speak nor swallow them.

Yun Bixue slapped down on Yun Mengshi's shoulder and said, "Mengshi, you're my younger sister. Don't worry. Our Yun family can't just allow other people to frame us. That being that case, make the call. Quick, call Su Lengxian and confront her."

Under Yun Bixue's reminder, Yun Mengshi frantically fished out her phone and dialed Su Lengxian's number.

Meng Xinyan's expression turned ugly as she looked at Yun Bixue and said, "Yun Bixue, this is between me and Yun Mengshi. I know you can't let go of Lenghan so you can't help interfering, but you should know that me and Lenghan are already engaged. We wronged you, so let us apologize to you, okay? Don't blame Lenghan."

Oh my god. Yun Bixue couldn't help feeling amazed by Meng Xinyan's brazenness. She scoffed, "Meng Xinyan, which of your eyes showed you that I can't let go of your Young Master Su? I'm only displeased with how you bullied my younger sister. I've already witnessed how shameless someone can be. And please, I already have Limo. To me, other men are just trash in my eyes. Understand?" If Meng Xinyan hadn't tried to deal with her in the past, if she hadn't constantly tried to upset her, then Yun Bixue wouldn't have thought of a special way to irritate her.

Looking wronged, Meng Xinyan lowered her head. She tugged at Su Lenghan's sleeve, as though enduring something silently. Su Lenghan immediately opened his mouth and said, "Yun Bixue, let's just say that I bought this car for Miss Yun. I won't pursue this any further. I'm the one who wronged you, so stop going against Xinyan."

He didn't know why, but when he heard Yun Bixue say that other men were trash to her, a wave of discomfort suffocated his heart, and his complexion turned pale. Thus, he spoke those words without even processing them in his head.

Xie Limo couldn't bear to watch this anymore. He alighted from his car and arrived by Yun Bixue's side, wrapping his arms around her waist. He said gently, "Second daughter of the Meng family, it's important to know your limits. My wife has me by her side, so it's natural for her to regard other people as trash. My wife isn't interested in who you treat as a gem. Understand?" The implication was that Su Lenghan was her gem, but his wife only saw him as trash.

Xie Limo's words were loaded with coldness by the end. Especially when he swept his gaze across Meng Xinyan's eyes; her heart involuntarily shivered. This Young Master Xie's aura was too imposing. She felt intimidated to her core just from meeting his eyes.

Although Yun Bixue hadn't allowed him to get out of the car, he simply couldn't bear to watch someone else misinterpreting his wife so brazenly.

"And another thing, second daughter of the Meng family, the entire Ning An City knows that I'm protective of my loved ones, especially my wife. No one can touch a strand of her hair, neither can they make her upset. You should have seen what happened to the Jia and Shen family. Don't try to provoke me, with my surname of Xie. The saying goes that a new leader will make drastic changes upon taking charge, and I'm not done making changes!" Xie Limo spoke elegantly, but his words only made them tremble with fear.