Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Dominating

The threat in Xie Limo's words was clear for all to hear. Coupled with his stance that seemingly spelled 'what can you do even if I threaten you', it could make a person fall for him uncontrollably.

Watching such a ferocious and dominating Xie Limo, Yun Bixue's heart thumped involuntarily. Her eyes even seemed to glisten with her love for him.

Although she was used to relying on herself for everythingand she had already discussed with Xie Limo beforehand to let her handle thingsshe simply didn't want Xie Limo to offend too many people all at once. After all, her dealings with Meng Xinyan could be viewed as a dispute over relationships. However, if Xie Limo defended her, that would escalate the issue to the entire Ning An City's political scene.

She hadn't expected Xie Limo to turn up during the confrontation. As he stood before her, he protected her without a care. It was such a wonderful feeling, and it made her heart well up with warmth.

After getting used to depending on yourself, anyone would feel extremely touched to be protected by another.

Su Lenghan watched this scene, and his body shook. Just a short moment ago, Yun Bixue had appeared arrogant. He thought that she had changed and became someone that he could no longer recognize. In reality, she hadn't changed. Instead, she had given all her warmth and affection to someone else!

Such a revelation made his heart flustered once again. He constantly felt that he was missing something very important, yet he couldn't figure out what it was. He couldn't grasp it even if he wanted to.

Meng Xinyan shuddered after being shocked by Xie Limo's words. She looked at the icy glow in Xie Limo's exquisite eyes, and she knew that he was definitely capable of doing what he said.

The news of the Jia and Shen family had recently been causing a commotion in the city. Especially when the Shen familywho had a hundred years of historywere sequestrated. No one had expected that this would actually happen.

Xie Limo's statement made her realize that he and Yun Bixue were involved in those incidents plaguing the Jia and Shen family. As she thought about how the Meng family could also end up in the same state, her face turned pale.

People like her were used to being pampered young ladies of their families. They, too, understood that their family's existence and prosperity was their true shelter. Once they lost their prestigious familial shield, they would be worth nothing.

She had come across Shen Zhengyao some time ago. The previously high-spirited Young Master Sun had unexpectedly fallen into such dire straits. Anyone could yell at or hit him, and even a C-class actorwho was thought poorly of could sneer at Shen Zhengyao.

Thus, Meng Xinyan had almost nowhere to hide under Xie Limo's stare. She cautiously took two steps back and held onto Su Lenghan's sleeves, as though clutching at a life-saving straw.

Meng Xinyan's grip hurt Su Lenghan. He snapped out of his daze and said, "Young Master Xie, Meng Xinyan didn't intend to offend you. Part of this is also between Bixue and me. There were some misunderstandings between us previously."

Yun Bixue lifted her brows and replied, "Su Lenghan, please address me as the eldest daughter of the Yun family, Miss Yun. 'Bixue' is not a name that just anyone can use freely. You said so yourselfwhat happened between us is all in the past. Also, I will never forget how Young Master Su rejected me when I came asking to borrow money."

She would never forget that feeling of desolation. Whenever she recalled it, her heart would still feel a wave of sadness.

"And so, Su Lenghan, I am extremely unwilling to meet you. Whenever I see you, I'll always remember how you kicked our Yun family away and turned to accept that marriage with the Meng family. Miss Meng should also stop believing that I have hidden feelings for Young Master Su!"

Yun Bixue was just like thatwith regards to emotions, she never settled things sloppily. If Xie Limo could do all that for her, she likewise had to take Xie Limo's feelings into consideration.

Xie Limo lightly patted Yun Bixue's back and softly said, "Let's go back!" He didn't want her to get caught up in hatred. He still preferred to see her happy.