Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 167

Chapter 167: European-style Villa

Yun Bixue looked at Yun Mengshi and the car at the scene, and she knitted her brows. This matter had yet to be resolved. Are they going to go home just like that?

In fact, Xie Limo mostly didn't want Yun Bixue to face all this and have it affect her mood. Thus, he urged her to return home. "Okay, since it's dark, it won't be easy to drive home."

Although Xie Limo had found a flimsy excuse, Yun Bixue still nodded. In her heart, her first consideration was for Xie Limo's feelings. Nobody else had anything to do with her.

When Yun Mengshi heard that the two of them were leaving, her mouth gaped open, and she looked rather flustered.

Yun Bixue said to Yun Mengshi, "Mengshi, you should ask Su Lengxian to come and explain the situation. As a daughter of my Yun family, you have to handle this matter with firm resolve so that other people won't take advantage of you. After bullying you once, this person will grow accustomed to repeating it again next time. Do you understand?"

Yun Mengshi nodded in confusion. She wasn't stupid, and she even had her own tricks and schemes up her sleeves. With Yun Bixue's suggestion, she calmed down and instinctively thought of the most favorable method for herself. Without a second thought, she dialed Su Lengxian's number and asked her to come over.

Su Lenghan's heart throbbed, and he felt that today's events would seemingly never end.

He had never felt so exhausted and stressed out before. Why were the actual state of his affairs so remarkably different from his plans after his alliance to the Meng family through marriage? Things should have sailed along the correct direction of his plans.

Moreover, after Yun Bixue left him, she had been living an increasingly happy life. When she was with him, he never knew that Yun Bixue's face could have such brilliant radiance.

It was so dazzling that it stung his eyes.

Xie Limo and Yun Bixue simply left after that, and the two of them got in their car. Shortly after, they were gone from the scene. Even while leaving in the snow, they were completely unhindered, as though they were traveling on a flat road.

Su Lenghan watched Xie Limo's car, and his expression was cold and distant.

After driving for a while, Xie Limo brought Yun Bixue to another villa area.

Yun Bixue eyed the European-style luxurious villas and asked with uncertainty, "Aren't we going home?"

Xie Limo laughed gently, "My wife, this is also our home. I seldom come here because the traffic here is heavier, and it's also in the downtown area. But if my wife likes it, I can stay here more frequently in the future."

Yun Bixue was speechless. How rich was Xie Limo? Every inch of land here was worth a lot of gold. Situated in the downtown area, and with a European style villa, its value would amount to at least a 9-digit figure.

The guards standing outside the villa's doors noticed Young Master Xie's car and hurriedly pressed a button, and the doors slowly opened. Xie Limo stopped the car and led Yun Bixue away as they alighted from the car.

Two rows of well-trained servants stood straight and bowed in greeting to Xie Limo. "Young Master Xie!"

Xie Limo tugged Yun Bixue's hand, bringing her to the center of everyone's attention. "This is your Young Madam."

"Young Madam!"

This resembled the treatment in an ancient palace, and for a moment, Yun Bixue couldn't adapt to it. Such a feeling felt like she was treading on cotton candy, like she was in a dream. In the past, she thought that it would be wonderful to have a home. Little did she expect to marry a suave and rich husband. She was even being treated like a royal princess now.

She had never dared to imagine such a scenario in the past.

In her state of dizziness, Xie Limo led her into the house. The outside grounds were covered in ice and snow, but the inside of the house was warm like a spring day.

Some servants began preparing dinner, but Xie Limo waved his hands and said, "All of you may take your leave. You don't need to enter without my instructions."


After a word of command, the servants in the house instantly left.

Yun Bixue looked at the scenery from inside the house. Especially from the French windows, she could see all of the snow outside. The green trees provided ample shade and looked fresh and lush. It looked just like paradise.