Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Gun Fight

Xie Liu, together with several others, drove together to confuse the enemy's sight. They stopped in an area with abandoned factories. It was a wasteland all around, and no one would be here on a normal day.

Which thus made it suitable for a gunfight.

After the cars came to a stop one by one, Xie Liu led a group of men out of their vehicles. Looking at the men who had followed them, he said, "You've finally appeared, and you're even men of sacrifice from a royal family."

More than ten men of sacrifice alighted, and they stared blankly at Xie Liu and the others, as though searching for someone.

Xie Liu laughed coldly, "Why? Are you looking for our Young Master Xie? It would merely taint our Young Master Xie's hands to deal with people like you."

As he spoke, Xie Liu waved his hand, and several men lunged forward. The muted sounds of gunshots reverberated through the surroundings of the entire factory, and the gunfight seemed endless

It was also the first time that these men of sacrifice of the royal family were witnessing the combat capabilities of the Xie family. Their expressions involuntarily turned cold. They took pride in being men of sacrifice but hadn't been aware that to their opponents, they were simply no match.

Xie Limo quietly arrived at a house located elsewhere. Controlling the system within his hands, he destroyed all the defense mechanisms in the house. He then entered silently.

A certain old man was joyfully looking through the documents in his hands, awaiting the news of Xie Limo's successful assassination.

In the midst of his delight, a black and cold muzzle abruptly pressed against his temple. His eyes twitched, almost in disbelief.

"The Wang family from the South's lackey, Wang Gangping. An orphan from a young age, and picked up by the fifth associated family of the Wang family. Given the surname 'Wang', and groomed since then. A treacherous and cunning character who strives to achieve extraordinary feats. Timid as a mouse but tries in vain and beyond his own abilities to murder someone. He has since joined the main Wang family."

Hearing such an icy voice, Wang Gangping's complexion turned pale, and his spine ran cold. Who was it? He hadn't been in Ning An City for long and had always hidden himself. But now, he had actually been discovered.

Holding the gun against Wang Gangping, Xie Limo stood before him. "Are you very surprised?"

Wang Gangping's eyes almost popped out from his shock. It's actually Xie Limo. He He was supposed to be killed by those men of sacrifice, wasn't he?

"Lackey Wang, I have to admit, you're indeed courageous and daring. However, you think too little of the Xie family. If we fell into every trap from insignificant figures like you, how could the Xie family have survived for a thousand years?"

Wang Gangping stuttered as he replied, "Xie Young Master Xie!" At that point in time, he truly felt somewhat regretful. He was afraid to die; he hadn't lived long enough.

"You saw how subdued the Shen family became and came up with a bold idea in your head. You wanted to take advantage of the Shen family's men of sacrifice and kill me with one strike. Am I right?" A dangerous and cold glint flashed across Xie Limo's eyes.

Wang Gangping felt so petrified that his legs trembled. Young Master Xie's aura was too overwhelming. Facing him head-on, he realized that his fear was emanating from his core. He even had difficulty breathing.

"Young Master Xie Have mercy!"

"Wang Gangping, from the moment you wanted to kill me, the moment that idea emerged, your life fell into the Xie family's hands. It's just wishful thinking to ask me to spare you. I can only give you the opportunity to kill yourself."

Wang Gangping's eyes revealed a terrified gaze. He knelt on the ground in an instant and started begging, "Young Master Xie, I was wrong! I overestimated my capabilities! Please don't kill me! I'll say anything! It was my daughter who took a liking to Young Master Wang of the main Wang family. So I had no choice but to take a risk out of desperation. I want my daughter to have a glimpse of hope. Even if she becomes Young Master Wang's mistress, that's good enough!"

A tinge of surprise flashed across Xie Limo's eyes. Looking at Wang Gangping, it was like looking at a lunatic.