Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Danger

As Wang Gangping begged endlessly, he consoled himself that a great man can submit or stand tall when required. Nothing was as important as staying alive. Moreover, Young Master Xie's aura was too imposing. Even as he stood there, his heart shuddered, and he couldn't help but crawl on the ground. It was as though Young Master Xie was inherently high and mighty, but he, Wang Gangping, was insignificant.

Xie Limo looked at Wang Gangping and knitted his exquisite brows. He felt that such a person was simply an eyesore. As a father, he was fine with his daughter becoming someone's mistress instead of persuading his own child to spend a stable life with someone else.

Hooking the chair by his side, Xie Limo turned it around and sat on it. Crossing his legs, he lightly tapped on the table with a hand and said, "Wang Gangping, your information is worthless to me. My Xie family's understanding of the Wang family is far deeper than yours, Wang Gangping. Therefore, your value is even lower."

Wang Gangping panicked. He began repeatedly kowtowing, his tears and mucus dripping over the floor as he bawled. He might be treacherous and cunning, but when met with someone stronger than him by countless folds, he knew how to submit to the circumstances.

He was extremely remorseful now. He had actually attempted to harm Young Master Xie. He was the future heir to the Xie family and belonged to the same caliber as Young Master Wang.

"Stop kowtowing. Since your daughter is fond of your Young Master Wang, she took the initiative to climb into his bed. It must have been effortless too, wasn't it?"

"That's not true. Our Young Master Wang is very picky with his women. The women that catch his attention must first undergo several rounds of selection by his underlings before they can qualify to meet our Young Master Wang. Our status is too humble. My daughter can't even see Young Master Wang, let alone climb into his bed." Towards the end of his sentence, Wang Gangping sounded rather aggrieved.

Xie Limo's pale pink lips hooked upwards into a faint curl. The Wang family still sustained the imperial feudal system from a thousand years ago. This was precisely what he had intended to uncover, which was why he wrangled it out of Wang Gangping.

He would wait expectantly for the heir of the Wang family.

Afterward, Xie Limo had seen enough. With a clap, two suited bodyguards appeared from behind him.

The two of them bent forward and bowed courteously. Xie Limo pointed at Wang Gangping and said, "Settle him with Method Three."


Terrified, Wang Gangping screamed and yelled for mercy, "Boohoo, Young Master Xie, please have mercy!"

However, regardless of how he begged, the two men knocked him out and took him away.

On the same night, an incident involving a car explosion happened on the Green Mountain Bridge. The cause of it was a drunk driver. Coupled with the roads made slippery by the snow, he rammed into the railings. The petrol leaked inside the car, and finally, it exploded with the driver inside.

At night, Yun Bixue was sitting at home, scrolling through her cell phone out of boredom. As she read this piece of news, her heart skipped a beat. She pondered for a while and felt rather uneasy. She hurriedly gave Xie Limo a call, but his phone remained switched off.

She stood up abruptly and started to make her way outside.

"Young Madam!"

Yun Bixue nodded and marched to the courtyard, intending to drive off with the car.

"Young Madam, Young Master Xie has instructed that you rest well at home. He said that he will return later tonight."

As she listened to the servant's explanation, Yun Bixue's brows twitched. She intuitively knew that there was more to this than met the eye. Xie Limo leaving on a day with such heavy snowfall was perhaps not because he had a meeting to attend, but that he hadn't informed her of something.

She trusted Xie Limo and thus understood that there must've been some dangerous matters that he had to hide from her and personally dealt with it alone.

"I have to find Limo." Although she appeared calm, her heart was flustered. No matter what happened, she had to protect the home that she'd obtained after much adversity.