Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Emergency

After the primary alarm was activated, all members of the Xie family in Ning An City immediately stopped what they were doing and moved out.

At a cafe somewhere, a server was grinding coffee beans for a customer. After receiving the alarm, his expression changed and he dropped the beans. He then rushed towards the door like a gust of wind.

The shop owner was dumbfounded at the scene. "Xiao Dan, the customer is still waiting, why did you just run off" Xiao Dan was normally an honest and inarticulate person. He also walked at his own sweet pace. It was a wonder that he could be so fast on his feet. What's more, he didn't even show any respect for the shopkeeper. This wouldn't do; she must fire him the moment he returned.

At a university somewhere, a professor was going through his students' theses and giving graduation advice.

After the alarm system in his hand rang, he jumped to his feet and climbed down the building from the window. The students in his office were bewildered. Did the professor suffer from shock from marking their theses that he had to jump from the window? After they realized what had happened, their expressions changed simultaneously for the worse. Steeling their nerves, they peeked out the window. They found nothing but the sound of the wind whistling below the third floor.

A lame chef who worked for the army of Ning An City had been cleaning the utensils. The moment the alarm was sounded, he no longer limped and ran away at full speed.

Several people around him were preparing to go to bed, and they rubbed their eyes, thinking that their minds were playing tricks on them.

For a while, the entire Ning An City was filled with similar incidents like this. It was especially the case for Xie Limo when he received the system alarm. His expression grew cold and serious as he jumped to his feet. He opened the communication system for the inner circle of the Xie family. When he learned the exact details from the person who set off the alarm, his brilliant eyes sparked with a raging darkness. He felt his heart pounding from within his chest, and a bloodthirsty aura enveloped him. He carried a magnetic but foreboding air, setting terror in anyone that laid eyes on him.

Yun Bixue was still unaware of all this. She was still negotiating with Shen Zhengyao, trying to calm him down. Even now, Yun Bixue didn't regret coming out of the house. She had known that there would be danger, but she was unafraid.

She felt that this was what she had to do. Couples belonged together. If one of them were in danger, it would be impossible for the other to wait calmly.

What she needed to do was to stay at Xie Limo's side no matter what happened. Furthermore, only through experience would she would realize where her weaknesses lie.

It was at that moment that she understood her helplessness as well, and that she was far too weak. Yet, she was without fear or remorse. What's more, she was waiting for an opportunityan opening to take Shen Zhengyao down in one move.

As Yun Bixue grew calmer, her eyes shone brighter.

As they continued to converse, Yun Bixue could distinctly fee; that the surrounding air was growing colder. Killing intent filled the airthis was the scent of death.

It felt as though she was about to be surrounded.

Shen Zhengyao was sweating involuntarily as well. He felt immense stress from all sides. He switched on his lighter and shouted at Yun Bixue, "You called so many people to kill me!" Shen Zhengyao wasn't stupid. He had only experienced this kind of aura from the men of sacrifice in his family. But even for them, the aura they gave off couldn't hold a candle to what he was sensing now.

He had been convinced by Yun Bixue and no longer wished to die. Now that he was in danger, he felt more afraid than ever.

Yun Bixue was right; he was still young. He should continue to live, to seek out those who looked down on him, to exact revenge on those who pretended to be his friends but sabotaged him behind his back!