Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Can't Bear To Part

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Yun Bixue listened to Xie Limo’s words, his tone almost bordering on shouting, and her heart trembled. She was surprised. It was the first time that she had seen Xie Limo so angry. He had always carried himself with elegance, his appearance so calm and relaxed, and he looked like he was always planning something.

She only just discovered that he too could have such wild emotions.

She never realized that he would be so scary when he was angry. Even then, he was captivating. Of course, she would never tell anyone that.

“Limo, there’s nothing wrong with me now, right? I’ll be sure to be careful and listen to you next time, alright?”

Xie Limo was angry and had a slight headache. He rubbed his forehead. A long time passed before he pressed his exquisite hand on Yun Bixue’s neck and caressed her.

Yun Bixue felt a tingle run through her. Xie Limo’s fragrance filled her entire senses. Her body was surging with electric currents, and she softened at his touch.

Xie Limo lowered his head slightly, bringing his light cherry-colored lips next to Yun Bixue’s ears. He breathed, “My dear, do you know that I’d rather you die by my hands than endure that kind of worry for you?” Never in his life had he experienced the agony he’d felt earlier.

In that moment, he understood that he too, was mortal. He too would have that kind of intense anxiety, even fear, that something could happen to her.

Haha, it was all so laughable. That he, Xie Limo, would feel fear. If anyone said that Xie Limo felt fear in the past, no one would believe them. As for him, he wouldn’t even entertain such thoughts. However, he had to admit that he had a weakness now.

Yun Bixue’s body stiffened, and her heart trembled. She felt Xie Limo’s aura searing, almost drowning her. His hand caressed her neck, and his voice was deep and cracked like a guqin.

She felt surrounded by his chaotic, seductive presence, but she also felt that Xie Limo really did want to choke her to death.

But she wasn’t scared. She knew that he couldn’t bear to part with her. After realizing this, she even felt a tinge of sweetness in her heart.

This was her husband. Such an elegant and respectable man, but he only turned dark and furious for her alone.

Despite hearing that he wanted to end her life, she appeared peaceful and calm. This absolutely infuriated Xie Limo.

Pang!Xie Limo’s hand hit the wall fiercely, forming an outline of his fist on the wall.

“Madam, you really are brave, aren’t you?”

Yun Bixue subtly shifted her body. She knew that her husband was about to blow up.

Yun Bixue blinked her eyes innocently. Her lips pursed slightly as she felt that she didn’t deserve this. Xie Limo was so angry now that nothing she said was going to help, so she could only try to appear pitiful. “Limo, I was afraid, but aren’t you here now? So I’m safe. I’m your wife. I’m only safe because I have you protecting me.”

Looking at Yun Bixue, Xie Limo’s heart couldn’t help but soften. However, he thought about the scene just now, and as he looked at the ruins, his gaze grew even darker. He asked, “Madam, just what should I do with you?”

Because she was his wife, he couldn’t bear to scold or beat her. Even being mad at her didn’t do anything. He wondered how other husbands treated their wives and felt slightly helpless.

Today’s incident had been a close call. If he was even a fraction of a second too late; if the timing hadn’t been just right, his wife would be gone. He couldn’t bear the thought of that.