Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Su Lenghan's Suspicion Toward the Newspaper

Yun Bixue looked up at Xie Limo. She had to admit; handsome guys were nice to look at. He even dined elegantly. There wasn't a drop of spilled soup on the table, and his sleeves were as clean as ever.

Unparalleled elegance was perhaps the only way she could come up with to describe Xie Limo.

After the meal, Xie Limo dialed a number, and a car soon arrived to pick them up. Xie Limo returned to his company directly. Yun Bixue took the marriage certificate and documents and put the villa her mother had left her on her name. After the transfer, she posted it up for sale.

"Xie Liu, purchase the Samite Mountain Villa under the name of a stranger. Put up an offer of 100 million." Xie Limo instructed softly after seeing the information on the huge screen in his office.

"Young Master Xie?" Xie Liu almost blurted out in surprise. Even if the Samite Mountain Villa was situated at Feng Hua Road, it was not worth a 100 million yuan, even if it was only a drop in the ocean for Young Master Xie. Furthermore, what use could Young Master Xie have for a villa so far away? Sure, it could be used for investment, and it was nice to look at, but Young Master Xie had absolutely no need for either.

Xie Limo glanced at Xie Liu lightly. Xie Liu immediately bowed, and answered, "Yes!"

Young Master Xie's decisions were never to be questioned by his subordinates.

Inside the Su Family Organization building.

Su Lenghan looked at the newspaper on the table. He sure knew the woman on it.

Su Lenghan had been staring at it the entire day and had looked it over countless times.

His secretary walked in, with full knowledge of the newspaper's contents. It was the hottest news in the entire Ning An City, and it was unknown whether Young Master Xie had the qualifications to continue to rule over Ning An City.

He noticed that a dark storm seemed to be present between the ever-elegant eyebrows of Manager Su. His expression changed. After all, he knew that this was between the CEO and Miss Yun.

"Manager Su, you haven't even eaten lunch yet. I have arranged a meal for you; please eat it while it's still hot." The secretary said as he laid the meal by the corner.

Su Lenghan sighed softly and massaged his eyebrows. He looked extremely tired. "Have you read the newspaper too?"

Zhao Wei couldn't figure out what Manager Su meant with that question, so he nodded and replied, "Yes, this kind of news has perhaps spread all over Ning An City."

This was the truth. He felt sorry for Miss Yun. He didn't think that she would eventually choose this path.

Secretary Zhao Wei ended his sentence, and the atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife. After a long time, Su Lenghan rubbed his forehead and asked, "Do you believe it?"

He really did not want to believe it, but memories of what he had seen at the car park the day before kept surfacing.

Could it be that after he refused her, she had to resort to this? Su Lenghan suddenly became very irritated.

"I don't believe it. People like Miss Yun would not do such things."

Yes, he had spent many years alongside Manager Su. He had borne witness over the three years Manager Su and Miss Yun spent together. Miss Yun was such a pure-hearted and smart woman. She wasn't the kind of person who would do something like this.

Perhaps Manager Su was lost in his own cause, so he needed an answer from Zhao Wei urgently.

"Knock knock... " At this moment, a knocking sound came from the door.

"Come in!"

In came a dazzling woman, Meng Xinyan. Naturally, she had seen the same newspaper that was on Su Lenghan's desk. With her mouth curled ever so slightly, she walked gracefully into the room carrying her handbag.

Zhao Wei left and closed the door behind him, leaving the two alone.

"Why did you come here today?" Su Lenghan asked gently, suppressing the irritation that had just surfaced. His eyebrows now had a hint of warmth between them.

"I missed you. Eh, isn't this Yun Bixue? I've heard that her grandfather was in urgent need of surgery fees, and her grandmother had the idea of giving her to the young master of the Qin family. So it turns out that she... how could this be possible?" Meng Xinyan covered her mouth, giving a look of disbelief.