Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Heartache About Her Strength

Yun Bixue’s hand felt a warm pulse. Her heart quivered wildly. This was his heart; it was beating fiercely. What did that mean?

She raised her head and locked eyes with him. It only took the briefest of moments for her to lose herself in his dark and tempting gaze. His eyes were filled with helpless indulgence and affection. Her soul could be at ease there.

“Can you feel it? Do you know your mistake?” Xie Limo asked as he patted Yun Bixue’s head.

Yun Bixue nodded her head and replied, “I’m sorry. I’ll prioritize my safety next time.”

“Alright. That aside, the most important thing is that you need to learn to let me protect you, instead of putting yourself in danger.”

He paused briefly and continued, “You don’t need to do everything by yourself. Don’t get used to shouldering everything by yourself. You need to learn to rely on your husband.” He thought about her past, and his heart ached at her strength and independence.

If Yun Bixue had been doted on growing up, perhaps she would get used to waiting or relying on another. However, aside from her grandfather, she had shouldered everything by herself since she was young. It was no surprise that she was used to doing everything by herself.

It was this type of strength that made his heart ache.

Yun Bixue’s mouth twitched, and she said, “But you get tired too. I worry about you as well, so I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.”

Suddenly Yun Bixue’s eyes widened and blurted out, “Limo, you faced danger and yet told me nothing! I can get angry too!” Yun Bixue’s cheeks puffed up in anger.

Her appearance was adorable. Xie Limo extended his hand and touched her face gently. He didn’t know why, but she could always tug at the softest strings in his heart. He replied, “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell you. Some matters are too serious, and even the slightest mistakes can be devastating. That’s why I left you in the villa, so I can arrange everything while knowing you’re safe. Do you understand?” He couldn’t endure the thought of her in even the slightest bit of danger.

Yun Bixue lowered her head and hid her emotions. She felt a little disappointed. She knew that if she had been strong enough, Xie Limo would have told her.

She clenched her teeth and was determined to become stronger. Only then would she be qualified to stand by Xie Limo’s side; only then would she be able to protect those she wanted to protect.

He had vented all his anger. Yun Bixue remained silent, as though she was an abandoned child. Xie Limo could endure it no longer and pulled her into his embrace. He hugged her tighter and tighter, as though he wanted to merge her body with his. It was better than having to worry like that again.

Yun Bixue’s body was sore, but she allowed him to continue. It was in this moment that the two were truly united, and they reveled in their reunion after the life-threatening situation.

The two shared a thought in that moment: Fortunately, she(he) was still at his(her) side.

They didn’t know how much time had passed in each other’s arms. It was only when Yun Bixue was almost out of breath that Xie Limo let her go.

Yun Bixue suddenly realized that Xie Limo’s hand was bleeding. “What happened to your hand?” she asked as she held his hand up for a closer look.

Xie Limo answered nonchalantly, “It’s nothing.” Such a small wound was indeed nothing to him.

However, to Yun Bixue, it was a lot of blood, and her heart ached. She took out tissues from her pocket and wiped his hand clean. She said anxiously, “Let’s hurry back to treat your wound.” She knew that Xie Limo’s hand had been injured from the rope from earlier. In addition, he had punched the wall in anger. It was no wonder that his hand was bleeding.