Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Calm Before The Storm

Regardless of how much blood was coming from his wound, Xie Limo would have remained calm and composed. However, after seeing the concern in Yun Bixue’s eyes, he fell silent for a while. Upon hearing that she insisted on going back, he made a gesture towards the secret guards of the Xie family. The two waited for the guards to retreat before they went home.

Yun Bixue’s mind was only focused on mending his wound as fast as possible, and she drove home at a very fast pace.

Right after she left, police sirens could be heard throughout the entire street; they were headed towards the explosion.

For an entire day and night, Ning An City experienced a series of major events. It almost shocked the entire political scene and the wealthy families. A few of them could do nothing more than watch the news, while others mobilized their families’ information network and purchased the latest news they could get, no matter how small.

It was in this short period of time that many wealthy families came to know of the complete collapse of the Shen family’s men of sacrifice. A few of the wealthy families’ elders looked at the night sky as they gripped their walking canes and spent a sleepless night. They had a feeling that a storm was brewing.

Some families who had good relationships or were tied by marriage to others spent the night updating each other on the latest news and arranged meetings. Cars filled the streets on what should have been a calm night, even more so than during the day.

“What do you think of today’s incident?”

“It’s too much of a coincidence for this series of events to happen all in a day.”

“Yes, too much has happened. There must be something going on behind the scenes, I can feel it.”

“We must analyze this properly. I’ve received news that the Shen family’s men of sacrifice have been wiped out, and none were left alive. The explosion was at Qing Huai Road Block B. The abandoned factory is on the east side look at their positions. They seem unrelated, but there’s actually something wrong.” In a family’s secret meeting room, a few experienced people in charge were having a discussion.

“Who did this exactly?”

“It all began with the Shen family. We should start there.”

“The century-old Shen family is finished!”

“Could it be Young Master Xie? Remember the Inaugural Address? The Shen family approached us to form an alliance against Young Master Xie.”

“It could also be someone else. Young Master Xie has never interfered with the Shen family. Strictly speaking, even if Young Master Xie did it, he would have enough evidence to do so. Furthermore, mobilizing the family’s men of sacrifice would be breaking the rules”

“Young Master Xie is a very dangerous man. It’s just a rumor that he’s behind this. We can’t predict what he’ll do!”

“It’s a difficult problem. Let’s hope it’s not him!”

It was late at night as Su Lenghan sat in the building of the Su Family Organization. He stood at the window and looked far into the horizon. He had just heard an explosion, followed by the sound of police sirens.

He was lost in thought when Meng Xinyan called. “Lenghan!” Her voice sounded a little anxious.

Su Lenghan looked at the time. It was very late. Meng Xinyan would usually be in bed by now. Coupled with her urgent voice, could it be that something happened? He started to worry too.

“Lenghan, my father said that he wants to meet you.”

“Didn’t I visit him just a couple of days ago?”

“It’s not that. Such a major event happened in Ning An City today. My father wants to discuss it with you. Do you have time tonight? Should I pick you up?” Meng Xinyan had never seen his father so anxious before either.

Her father even considered hurrying their marriage and ensuring the Meng family was tied to the Su family. She didn’t understand what her father was worrying about; she only knew that things were not going to be easy from now on.

Su Lenghan thought for a while and agreed. He drove towards the Meng family all through the night.

As he was passing through a fork in the road, he passed another car. Seeming to sense something, he looked at the other car. He felt that it was Yun Bixue.