Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Taking A Bath Together

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Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixue who was trying to escape, and he tightened his grip. His tall and elegant physique completely trapped Yun Bixue inside the bathtub. His eyes glowed as he stared at her and said, “My wife, you really are underestimating your husband.”

Yun Bixue wanted to cry but couldn’t produce any tears. “Limo, I’m feeling quite tired. I want to sleep.”

“But, my wife, I’m hungry. If you satiate my hunger, you can sleep as much as you want!” His words were full of ambiguity, but coming out of Xie Limo’s mouth, they were loaded with a roguish aura.

After speaking, Xie Limo no longer offered Yun Bixue time to hesitate; his dominating presence engulfed her. Supporting his body with one arm, he pressed her against the side of the bathtub, leaving kisses all over her skin.

Yun Bixue’s breaths hitched faintly. When she felt Xie Limo’s passion, her body trembled a little. She didn’t know why, but she anticipated what was coming up, and yet also felt scared. Like Xie Limo had said, would she be unable to endure it?

Boohoo, why did I have to suggest a bath? I had no idea that my elegant and decent Mr. Xie would transform into a hungry gray wolf!

Yun Bixue was eventually entranced by his indulgent gaze. She wrapped her arms around Xie Limo’s neck, then grew intoxicated as she spread kisses all over his body.

“Limo” Tonight, he was overly passionate and dominating. Plus, it had been too torturous from the start; he simply didn’t want to satisfy her.

At that moment, her body melted into a puddle from his caresses.

Xie Limo lifted his head and his eyes were glittering with dark provocation. Waves crashed over him as he silently concealed his intense desire. A drip of sweat trickled down Yun Bixue’s cheeks.

“My wife, just hold on. It will just take a moment.” In order not to hurt her, he needed to ensure that she had been adequately prepared.

His exquisite jade-like fingers gently explored her. Knowing that she had completely blossomed for him, Xie Limo held onto Yun Bixue’s hands and guided them down, allowing her to feel his desire.

Yun Bixue felt his burning heat and also how large it was to her touch. Her eyes suddenly widened in shock. She wanted to retract her hand. “Limo, I” Could she retreat even if she wanted to?

Xie Limo lowered his head and looked at Yun Bixue with a deep gaze. “My dear, once you’ve shot the arrow, there’s no turning back. Tonight, be prepared to receive your punishment. This is your penalty for disobeying me. Remember that after tonight, this is how I’ll punish you in the future.” She was his wife, and since he couldn’t bear to scold herlet alone hit herthis was the only solution.

Just as Yun Bixue wanted to cry, Xie Limo moved and completely filled up her body. She sighed in satisfaction.

She stirred aggressively and Xie Limo concealed his passion that crashed over him in full force. Lowering his head, he kissed her. This was only the beginning.

“Oh, Limo” Yun Bixue bit Xie Limo’s shoulder. He was excessively ferocious. During each of the previous times, he would be extremely gentle. His actions then were completely different from tonight.

Xie Limo’s gaze changed. He relaxed the muscles in his body, deeply afraid that she would hurt her teeth.

He slowed his movements, and lightly smoothed her hair as he said, “My wife is too wonderful, it intoxicated her husband.” In the past, countless women had tried to climb on top of him, yet he remained indifferent and uncaring towards their seduction. Only after meeting her had he become unrestrained.

Their vigorous motions caused the warm water in the bathtub to spill out bit by bit. Like a pair of mandarin ducks playing in the water, the love between them was boundless.

Yun Bixue had no idea how many times she failed to even raise her arm. Her eyes welled up with tears as she sobbed. It was indeed as Xie Limo had saidshe really couldn’t endure it.

Watching Yun Bixue tear up as she received his passion, Xie Limo lowered his head. He gently caught her tears, kissing them away one by one.