Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Young Master Xie's Coldness

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“Limo, I want to sleep. Can’t I?” Yun Bixue appeared helpless and with nothing to rely on as she begged Xie Limo.

In the past, whenever she acted spoiled and complained that she was worn out, Xie Limo would always be considerate. He would feel sorry for her and then let her go.

However, no matter how much she pleaded today, Xie Limo persisted. He made her float amidst the clouds. He was just like a ravenous wolf, intent on having his fill.

As if he could read Yun Bixue’s mind, Xie Limo whispered in a deep voice into Yun Bixue’s ear, “My wife, you’ve definitely starved your husband in the past. You’ll work hard tonight.”

“Limo, I I I’m really tired” Yun Bixue’s eyes were hazy. She felt like a burst of fireworks had exploded in her mind, and her body seemed weightless.

Xie Limo felt sorry for her, but he still looked at Yun Bixue with burning, fiery eyes. He said, “My wife, you underestimate yourself.”

Eventually, Xie Limo’s back was entirely decorated with scratch marks left by her fingernails. Even his shoulders were covered with bite marks. It was apparent how intense the battle had been.

Yun Bixue had passed out twice. In the end, she was always slowly awakened by Xie Limo’s gentle and patient kisses.

As he kissed her, he sighed softly, “My wife is such a tormenting seductress. My little seductress.” Yes, she would only be his seductress. She was so beautiful, and she blossomed only because of his indulgence.

No one else would ever see her in such a beautiful moment.

She made him feel so attached that he couldn’t let go. He wanted to keep her entirely within him.

Finally, Xie Limo used a towel to wipe away the water on Yun Bixue’s body. He carried her back into the bedroom.

Once she landed on the pillows, Yun Bixue felt very reluctant to let go. At that moment, she didn’t even have an ounce of energy left. She lacked the strength even to move her lips. She was utterly drained.

Xie Limo covered the blankets over Yun Bixue and tucked in the corners. He then lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead.

Hearing her steady breathing, Xie Limo put on his casual clothes and walked out of the bedroom.

As he closed the doors of the bedroom, Xie Limo noticed his servants standing outside respectfully. His expression turned distant and cold.

He walked elegantly towards them, one step at a time, and the villa’s servants bowed. “We offer our humble apologies to Young Master Xie!”

Xie Limo picked up a dagger by the side and threw it in one swift movement. It shaved off half the hair of the person standing right at the front. “You still know how to apologize? If something had happened to Young Madam, I’d take your lives right here.”

Despite Xie Limo’s flat tone, the coldness that he emanated terrorized everyone.

They were responsible for providing protection to the Young Madam of the Xie family. If something were to happen to Young Madam, they would all collectively take their own lives. They wouldn’t have waited for Young Master Xie to take action.

Watching the threateningly cold Young Master Xie, all of them knew that he was truly enraged. A group of them were not servants of the Xie family and had never seen Young Master Xie before. However, they’d heard that if the Xie family stamped their feet, the whole world would be affected.

Especially Young Master Xie, who was the future heir of the Xie family; he possessed a legendary authority. Ning An City was as insignificant as an ant, but it was at this location that Young Madam almost met with an accident! It was normal for Young Master Xie to be livid.

The moment they learned about the dangers, they were also petrified. Nothing could ever happen to Young Madam. Thus, the guards made a prompt decision and sent out a warning.

Luckily, it was a near miss. However, they had already lost their jobs and thus had no chance to defend themselves.

The next day, Yun Bixue woke up only in the afternoon. Her whole body ached each time she moved.

Xie Shiyi entered the room and courteously asked, “Young Madam, are you awake?”


After Xie Shiyi brought in a team to offer Yun Bixue a whole body massage, she felt much better. She stood up sprightly and walked out to get something to eat.

When she noticed that the servants were all unfamiliar faces, her expression changed slightly. She asked, “Where are the people from yesterday?”