Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 186

Chapter 186 Inefficient At Protecting Master

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Looking at these unfamiliar faces, Yun Bixue felt rather unaccustomed to it. She could vaguely take a guess in her heart, and her expression changed.

Xie Shiyi listened to Yun Bixue’s question and replied respectfully, “Young Madam, they were not efficient in protecting their master. They have thus been replaced.”

Yun Bixue’s eyes shifted. Turning around to look at Xie Shiyi, she asked, “Have all of them been replaced? Did Limo do something to those people? Are they all okay?” She recalled that she had wanted to leave the villa on her own accord. All of them had tried to stop her. She was the one who had used her status as their Young Madam and insisted on leaving. Those people had no choice back then.

She also hadn’t forgotten that she’d promised to shoulder all the responsibility. Things were still all right when she returned last night. Why had it all changed the next day?

No way. She, Yun Bixue, would definitely do as promised. She assured them that she would bear the consequences and so she would. Her expression hardened, and she said, “Where did Limo go? I’ll look for him!”

After she spoke, she rushed to Xie Limo’s study room.

“Young Madam, Young Master Xie left for the political building early this morning. Today he must handle the most recent matters of Ning An City.”

“He already left for work so early in the morning?” Yun Bixue felt rather concerned. She didn’t know how he would handle yesterday’s incident. Also, would there be people who would go against him or even suspect him? Overall, Yun Bixue had all sorts of things to consider.

Xie Shiyi nodded. “Yes.”

Yun Bixue knew that this time, she had to stay calm. She also couldn’t look for him at the political building. Instead, she chose to switch on the TV.

The news channels on the TV were all reporting on the accidents that happened yesterday. The news aired footage of the meeting with all the officials of Ning An City, and Young Master Xie made a concluding speech.

After the meeting, countless reporters rushed forward and surrounded Xie Limo to question him.

“Young Master Xie, as Ning An City’s leader, what do you think about what happened yesterday?”

“Young Master Xie, may I know how you view the Shen family? The century-old royal Shen family has now been reduced to such a state, and some people have commented that it was because of Young Master Xie’s revenge. How will Young Master Xie respond to this?”

“Young Master Xie, may I know where you were yesterday? Why are you only holding the meeting today?”

“Young Master Xie, as Ning An City’s leader, so many events have happened after you took on the new role. Some people are doubtful over your abilities”

Through the TV, Yun Bixue could see that while Xie Limo was walking out, the reporters swarmed over and obstructed his path. Their interrogation was extremely harsh.

Yun Bixue slammed the TV remote control onto the coffee table. She said furiously, “These reporters are becoming more and more savage!”

“Young Madam, there is no need to get angry. Many of these reporters have been hired by the devious people of Ning An City, so naturally, they will go against Young Master Xie!”

“Could they still be wishing to overthrow Limo? Such wishful thinking.” At least within Ning An City, she still had the ability to help her husband.

Yun Bixue watched TV for a while and understood the general picture. She switched off the TV and said, “Xie Shiyi, I want to visit the Yun family’s old mansion.”

“But Young Master Xie has instructed that Young Madam cannot leave the house. You must stay in the villa for the next few days.”

Yun Bixue recalled how wild and dominating Xie Limo had been last night, and her face turned red. Forget it, she would be good and wait at home, and not infuriate him again.

She still made a call to Yang Mei and Uncle Yang, relaying some instructions to them. She also secretly dispatched the reporters working for the Yun family, who began to suppress the fervor on the Internet and the newspapers. It was best if everyone’s focus on Xie Limo was shifted elsewhere. If it couldn’t be, then they would draw attention to someone else.

Even if her capabilities were feeble, she still wanted to do something.