Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Hell Still Like It Even If You Put On Some Weight

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This time, Yun Bixue merely sat quietly on the couch and started to analyze the current situation. In the end, she arrived at Xie Limo’s study room. Using the computer network, she studied the entire set of circumstances of the royal families of Ning An City and also ran through all the different possibilities.

The more she thought, the paler her face turned. At least she had an idea of what she had to do next.

It was especially during a period like this that she had to remain calm.

Just when her heart was feeling anxious, Ji Qiongxin arrived. “Bixue, come here. Mom brought you something nice to eat. These are all cakes that I personally baked, some lotus root and tomato omelets, and also some meat products that I made. You’re too skinny. You should eat more to nourish yourself.”

After speaking, Ji Qiongxin requested the servants to retrieve a large box of food.

Truthfully, Yun Bixue’s heart felt much more grounded after seeing Ji Qiongxin at that moment. Moreover, seeing the brilliant smile on Ji Qiongxin’s face, her initially lonely heart immediately felt invigorated.

If she waited alone, she would easily let her imagination run wild. Moreover, there were many topics that she couldn’t discuss with other people. She could, however, speak to Ji Qiongxin.

Yun Bixue went to Ji Qiongxin’s side and called sweetly, “Mom, why are you here? Is it still very chilly outside? Are you cold?” She could always feel a motherly aura radiating from Ji Qiongxin, and it felt very warm.

Ji Qiongxin held onto Yun Bixue’s hands and said, “Good girl, Mom isn’t cold. If you eat and sleep well, and also put on some weight, Mom will be content.”

Yun Bixue lowered her head and looked at her figure. She said, “Mom, I’m already much fatter now. I won’t look good if I put on more weight.” She suddenly realized that she had truly gained more meat on her bones, and her figure wasn’t as skinny.

This could all be credited to Xie Limo. Thinking back, all their various interactions after getting to know each other were all proof of his pampering love.

As she thought of Xie Limo, the corners of Yun Bixue’s lips would involuntarily curve up into a faint smile.

“No worries, you’ll look great even if you do put on weight.”

After she spoke, Ji Qiongxin quietly muttered something by Yun Bixue’s ear. Yun Bixue’s face instantly flushed red, and she was utterly embarrassed.

“What is there to be embarrassed about? Men, they all have such expectations for their loved ones.” Her daughter-in-law and son shared a loving relationship, and as a mother, she felt delighted.

Yun Bixue understood that Ji Qiongxin meant well. She nodded and said, “Mom, I understand.”

“Okay, let’s go. Let’s go warm these up in the kitchen so we can start eating. You probably haven’t eaten anything all day?” She could see the wild marks on her daughter-in-law’s neck, as if she had undergone an energetic session of indulgence.

As someone who had personally experienced it, Ji Qiongxin naturally understood. The more she looked, the more satisfied she felt. She was just waiting to hold a plump grandson in her arms.

She was on cloud nine just thinking about it. Pulling Yun Bixue into the kitchen, she warmed up the food that she had personally prepared, and then served them to Yun Bixue.

“How is it? Yummy, right?”

The rims of Yun Bixue’s eyes were damp with tears. At this age, no one had ever personally prepared a meal for her before. Now, her husband and her mother-in-law had both cooked for her. This feeling was so warm, so very warm.

She tried to control her emotions. Nodding her head, she happily exclaimed, “Mom, it’s so yummy. I think this is the most delicious food I’ve ever had.” Yes, she felt that it was just too scrumptious.

“Silly girl. If you like it, Mom will frequently prepare it for you in the future. Also, even if I’m not around in the future, that child, Limo, will also cook for you. His culinary skills are far better than his mother’s.”

Yun Bixue gently giggled. Recalling Xie Limo’s current plight, she worriedly questioned, “Mom, is Limo in a dangerous position now?” She assumed that Ji Qiongxin had a better understanding of the Xie family and Xie Limo.