Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Look Intently

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Ji Qiongxin looked at Yun Bixue and softly sighed, “Bixue, I guess you must have seen the news. You will become the matriarch of the Xie family in the future, so you have to learn to judge everything keenly. Many things are more than what they appear to be. You can only get to the bottom of it after putting in the effort. You don’t have to worry about Limo; he’ll be fine. If the leader of Ning An City can’t even handle something like this, then he stands no chance of being the heir. As the heir, he must be equipped with the capabilities to handle all the political issues of Country A, let alone Ning An City.”

“Mom, that may be true, but I still feel uneasy. Although, after hearing what you said, I do feel a little better.”

Ji Qiongxin snickered, “Child, you’re an honest one. You keep him in your heart, that’s why you worry. If you were truly indifferent and unconcerned, then the two of you aren’t a married couple.”

With Ji Qiongxin pointing out her state of emotion, Yun Bixue felt rather embarrassed.

“Mom, is the situation at the Xie family really as the rumors say?”

Ji Qiongxin pondered for a while and sighed. “Bixue, Limo didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to worry. And it’s not the time to tell you yet. The more you know, the more dangerous it will be for you. So let nature take its course. When we return to the Xie family in the future, you will understand.”

“I see. And, Mom, I got into trouble yesterday. Limo replaced everyone in the villa. I promised that I would shoulder all the consequences of my actions. Therefore, I’d like to plead on their behalf.”

Ji Qiongxin patted Yun Bixue’s back and replied, “As the Xie family’s subordinates, you have to accept your punishments if you make a mistake. The rules cannot be broken. You should stop worrying. You could discuss it with that child, Limo. However, they can never return to this villa again. That is certain.” The heir of the Xie family had to be relentless and resolute, and even sufficiently vicious if the occasion called for it.

Yun Bixue’s expression hardened, and she could felt even more how insignificant she was. Luckily, she had a loving mother-in-law and husband. She could still continue to work hard.

She had a full meal, and the two of them were just like mother and daughter. As they chatted, some of her concerns dissipated.

At a hospital, Old Master Shen had woken up and overheard a nurse discussing his grandson’s matters.

“It’s so unexpected that the previously haughty Young Master Shen is gone just like that.”

“That’s right. Back then, there were still some nurses in our hospital who desperately tried to climb into Young Master Shen’s bed. With the collapse of the Shen family, who would still want him now? But, I definitely didn’t expect that he’d be gone so suddenly.”

“That’s strange. That day, I heard that Young Master Shen came by. I don’t know what happened, but he got into a heated dispute with Old Master Shen. After he left, Old Master Shen relapsed, and he hasn’t woken up since!”

As Old Master Shen listened, he trembled and struggled to sit up. Zhengyao was gone? What did that mean? That day, he had forced him to abuse his authority and mobilize the men of sacrifice. Could he have failed?

Old Master Shen grew short of breath at this blow, and his complexion turned blue. The doctor realized that something was amiss and hurriedly sent out Old Master Shen for emergency aid.

Shen Wenqi’s hair turned white overnight. He rushed over to look for Old Master Shen and discovered that he had been sent for emergency care. Distressed, he paced around, his mind restless. Now, the Shen family was truly at a loss of what to do.

Initially, the Shen family had still been ambitious. They wanted to murder Young Master Xie, Old Master Yun, and Yun Bixue, and then devour the Yun family. Little did they expect that they would become the most disgraced royal family. In recent times, everyone who met him would show disdain. If he had known earlier, they would have safely defended their Shen family and lived a stable life.

Su Lenghan would spend every night at the Meng family’s home. The two families had discussed that the two of them would get married as soon as possible. The date had been set; it would be held next month.