Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 189

Chapter 189 The Su And Meng Families' Marriage Alliance

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Father Meng looked at Su Lenghan happily. He would become his son-in-law in the future, and the more he looked, the more satisfied he felt. In the past, he thought that this young man might not necessarily become his son-in-law, and so naturally had acted rather aloof.

The Meng family was a family that had been influential for generations in Ning An City. Under the grooming of the wife, Chen Pei, the daughter had become the best debutante in Ning An City. Therefore, he had wild ambitions and constantly wanted the Meng family to be within reach of the imperial capital.

He wanted his outstanding daughter to marry into Tiandu City, the center of the royal political families. However, nothing was within his control. This day, the structure of the royal families in Ning An City had been disrupted. To regain stability and for their own prosperity, they had to have marriage allies. If the Su and Meng families truly became affiliated through marriage, only then could they band together to make a joint attack.

“Haha, Lenghan, your alcohol tolerance is pretty good.”

Su Lenghan was in a rather miserable mood. In the past, his original intention of getting married to Meng Xinyan was wonderful. In the end, he felt that he was being forced to put a square peg into a round hole because of the situation in Ning An City. Was this what his marriage with Meng Xinyan entailed?

It felt like he wasn’t as elated as he imagined he would be. “Uncle flatters me. Because of the organization, I have no choice but to pick up certain skills.”

“To leave Xinyan in the hands of a young lad as capable as you, as a father I can rest assured.” Father Meng appeared to be sentimental.

In a bashful but happy tone, Meng Xinyan said, “Dad” Her face revealed a joyful smile. In the future, Lenghan would truly be hers. No one else would be able to snatch him away.

“Haha, Lenghan, look at my daughter. She’s all shy.”

Su Lenghan smiled gently at Meng Xinyan. There was no fault in his actions. “Uncle, I will treat Xinyan well.”

Back then, Father Meng had never treated him with zeal, only cordiality. Now, he was suddenly acting like they were a family, and he couldn’t get used to it.

If Father Meng had constantly treated him this way, perhaps Su Lenghan wouldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. He would have assumed that his personality had always been like this. However, with his sudden increase in exuberance, Su Lenghan was skeptical.

Perhaps to the Meng family, they only considered his value. However, he recalled that he had also ditched the Yun family for the Meng family. Since he had also been like that, he naturally couldn’t fault others. This was how the royal families acted! They had no other choice.

Even so, he would constantly compare this with the Yun family’s behavior towards him. He remembered that in the past, Old Master Yun treated him extremely well, and his actions had stemmed from genuine care and concern. Therefore, he had felt remorseful for the subsequent things that he’d done, and he had never met Old Master Yun again.

Su Lengxian had yet to learn that her elder brother and Meng Xinyan were setting a date for their marriage. She entered the entertainment industry in a merry state. At that moment, she was expending great effort to memorize her scripts, in hopes that she would quickly spring into fame.

Zhou Yang prepared her meal and said, “It’s time to eat. Don’t wear yourself out, okay?”

“I’ll eat after I’m done memorizing this piece of dialogue.”

“Lengxian, how has your elder brother been recently? Why haven’t I heard you mention him?”

“My elder brother is still swamped with dealing with the organization’s matters. Speaking of which, it makes me so mad. My elder brother still blames me even now. I only gave the car to Yun Mengshi. Why did he have to get so angry?”

“No, that car was given to you, and you have the freedom to give it to anyone else. Why is your brother so hung up over this?”

“Who else but Meng Xinyan, that sl*t!”

Zhou Yang looked at Su Lengxian sympathetically and said, “Do you remember that you used to mention how doting and indulgent your elder brother used to be to you? I didn’t expect that Meng Xinyan would snatch him away in the end. Just listening to it makes me feel sad. No one dotes on you, but I will!”

Once Su Lengxian heard Zhou Yang’s words, her hatred towards Meng Xinyan grew deeper. She said, “Zhou Yang, you’re the only who’s nice to me. Don’t worry. It won’t be easy for that sl*t, Meng Xinyan, to enter our Su family. My mother still dotes on me the most.”