Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Shunning the Heart-breaker

Upon hearing Meng Xinyan's words, Su Lenghan's cold eyes shimmered with darkness. It turned out in the end that he had overrated her.

He closed his eyes slowly, deleting the silhouette in his mind. Re-opening his eyes, he looked at the pure and kind woman in front of him. His previously troubled heart soothed a little. "Alright, ignore others. After all, they have no relation to us."

Meng Xinyan went to Su Lenghan's side and tugged at his sleeves. "Lenghan, my mother said that the weather has been growing cold, and asked me to buy some new clothes. She said that girls should dress prettily. Can you please accompany me?"

Su Lenghan looked at the weather outside, nodded his head, and left with Meng Xinyan.

There was only one problem; his stomach pains always came untimely in the afternoon. While suffering from the pain, he could not help but think of Yun Bixue.

"Lenghan, you can't overwork yourself so much. I've made you lunch and will bring it to you later."

"Lenghan, your stomach is weak, I've placed the medication in your shirt pocket. If the pain is too great, don't just endure it. Take some medication."

... Upon recalling this, Su Lenghan reached for his shirt pocket reflexively. It was empty. He felt a little disappointed, together with a complicated emotion that he could not recognize at the moment.

"Lenghan, what's the matter? Hurry, I need your opinion on what items to buy." Meng Xinyan was happily browsing the clothes. She became a little upset when she saw Su Lenghan lost in thought.

Su Lenghan replied, "You look great in all of them."

Meng Xinyan smiled sweetly and ended up purchasing both. After Su Lenghan paid for the two pieces, they bought a couple more clothes before leaving.

Standing on the place they left were two women. One of them looked toward their direction, the two women left with a complicated look in their eyes.

"Xindan, all of those clothes were supposed to be yours, but they were snatched away by that bastard sister of yours." Standing beside the woman was the young lady of the Yan family, and she felt unfair for her friend.

"She owes it to her capable mother. As for mine, she has been long gone. No one wants that man anyway, just another ungrateful heart-breaker."

Meng Xindan looked down on Su Lenghan's character. It was like her father. She had witnessed for herself how her father had treated her mother.

Yun family's old mansion.

When Yang Siru read the newspaper, she was full of glee and she couldn't keep her mouth closed. "Haha, your little b*tch, let's see you turn this one around."

Yun Mengshi had also read the newspaper, and her cheeks turned to chalk. "Mother, what are you so happy about? To think that she could seduce even Young Master Xie... "

"You understand nothing. She can never hold her head high in public with an identity like this. I'll be interested to see if such a damned Yun Bixue has the courage to live on. Hmph!" Yang Siru felt the bitter feelings over the years finally dispersing.

"But if that's the case, the Qin family wouldn't want her either. What are we, the Yun family, supposed to do now? Is there no way out?" Yun Mengshi's delicate face was pale and filled with worry and anxiety.

Yang Siru spat on the floor. "The daughters of the Qin family are no easy folks to deal with. The person in charge of the Qin family is a woman now, and she has been in power for many years. Do you think she will be predisposed to find a nice woman for her only nephew?"

If the Qin family were great, she would have sent her daughter a long time ago. The Qin family was ruthless and cruel. They wouldn't have the guts to help the Yun family if they weren't.

"I must let mother know of this good news!" said Yang Siru, as she waddled up the stairs towards Old Lady Shen's room.

Yun Mengshi, on the other hand, sank into the sofa. "It's impossible, impossible, Young Master Xie can only be with me, with me... "