Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Vixens Are Pretty

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Zhou Yang was precisely aiming for Su Lengxian to say those words. According to his superior’s instructions, he had to make sure that the Su and Meng families both lead miserable lives. Therefore, he guided Su Lengxian towards a certain direction every day.

“Lengxian, only you treat your elder brother well, and you do everything for his well-being. And yet, sigh, your brother doesn’t prioritize you. As they say, ‘get a wife and forget your mother’, let alone a younger sister like you.”

Zhou Yang sighed and shook his head, with the intention to upset Su Lengxian. Su Lengxian forgot about the script in her hands. She gripped it tightly and yelled, “No way! Just watch me!”

After she spoke, Su Lengxian put on her jacket and dashed over to the Su family’s house.

Zhou Yang looked at Su Lengxian’s back with satisfaction, and his lips curved upwards.

At the Yun family’s house, Old Lady Shen sat on the couch. She tapped her walking stick firmly against the ground. “How could it be like that? How could it be like that” She seemed to have gone berserk.

“Yang Siru! Yang Siru Muzhong! Muzhong Mengshi!” Regardless of how Old Lady Shen screamed, no one answered. Furious, her heartbeats quickened, and she almost blacked out.

Struggling to remain calm, Old Lady Shen started to make calls one by one.

At that moment, Yang Siru was in a room in Luxury Emperor, and he was seething because of two young ladies.

“Shameless vixens! Especially hooking up men who are already taken Sl*ts!”

Yang Siru cursed in her rage. Clutching her purse, she attacked. Just as she was about to lunge forward to tear the two of them apart, Wang Qiuge grabbed her wrist. “I say, old hag, why are you so fierce? No wonder Muzhong is always complimenting me about how gentle and kind I am. He mentioned how the old hag at home is so aged and ugly, and so peevish with her temper. He doesn’t even want to go home!”

The flirtatious woman wearing a yellow top beside her even added in a cutesy manner, “Oh my, Muzhong also said that I was as delicate as water and that he desperately wanted to douse himself in megiggle

Yang Siru looked at their facesthey were young and pretty, and she was simply not their match. Livid, she almost lost her balance and fell to the ground. Her head started to feel dizzy, and her eyes were wide open with rage. “Sl*t! Shameless! You’ve offended our Yang family, and you’ll receive your just desserts!” Deranged, Yang Siru wanted to hit them. Instead, her hand was firmly held back, and she could only hurl out verbal abuse.

And they called her an old hag. Was she really that old? As she looked at the two pretty faces before her, she just wanted to disfigure them.

Wang Qiuge turned to the dainty woman beside her and asked, “Younger Sister, do you know the Yang family? What kind of nobody family are they?”

The dainty woman was named Lee Rourou, and she was just like her name. Lifting up her head, she glanced at Yang Siru once and clicked her tongue in astonishment. She said, “Elder Sister, I’ve never heard of the Yang family. In Ning An City, I’ve only heard of the Yun family, the Gao family the Su family, the Meng family But just not the Yang family. Muzhong has never mentioned them to me before!”

Listening to such a voice, Yang Siru was fuming right through her core. “Vixen! Sl*tty vixen!”

“Oh my, I’m so pleased to be called a vixen. Vixens are the prettiest. Some hideous people aren’t even qualified to become a vixen!”

Yang Siru blew her top. “Ah I’ll kill you! Kill you!” At that point, Yang Siru lost all semblance of sanity. She was almost driven to madness.

Yun Bixue had requested Yang Mei to search for two individuals to especially infuriate Yang Siru, and it was undeniable that they were indeed fair choices. The two of them had managed to aggravate Yang Siru to such an extent with just a few choice words.

Who asked Yang Siru to be so cruel with her words? She had once called Yun Bixue’s mother a vixen, and it completely triggered Yun Bixue. She had thus secretly sourced for women to seduce Yun Muzhong, to purposefully spite Yang Siru.