Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Making Yang Siru Faint From Anger

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Wang Qiuge had been trained, and Yang Siru was simply not her match. She had also found the best time to disperse the news to Yang Siru and lure her here intentionally.

At that moment, Yang Siru had been shopping. Knowing that a mistress had sent a provoking message, her mind was triggered. Without bringing anyone else, she came running without a second thought. She simply wanted to reprimand this sl*t!

Initially, when Yun Bixue’s parents met with a mishap, Yang Siru had in fact been involved in it. The different kinds of misfortunes that Yun Bixue encountered during her childhood were also purposely plotted in the dark by Yang Siru.

Therefore, when Wang Qiuge and Lee Rourou did all this, they felt nothing at all. Instead, looking at how deranged Yang Siru was behaving, they felt ecstatic.

“Yang Siru, you old hag, you can’t kill me. On the other hand, if I put in a little more force, your wrist will be crushed. If that happens, you won’t just be ugly; you’ll also be handicapped! If you keep going crazy, I might also hit you.”

“Oh my, Elder Sister, you’re too brutal. If it were me, I would get Muzhong to avenge us.”

“You have such great ideas. No wonder Muzhong can’t help wearing you out every night.”

“Oh my, Elder Sister is much more impressive. Your stamina is so great, and I can’t even service Muzhong nowadays.”

“That’s right, you’re already pregnant. You naturally have to be cautious”

The two of them cheerfully conversed, and it made Yang Siru so enraged that her eyes were almost popping out; especially after hearing the last sentence. She shrieked loudly, “You You’re pregnant?”

Lee Rourou lowered her head and laughed. Covering her stomach, she said, “I’m pregnant! It’s Muzhong’s”

A‘bang!’sounded; Yang Siru couldn’t take the blow and passed out on the ground.

After seeing her faint, Wang Qiuge crossed her arms. Remaining in her original spot, she said disappointingly, “Her skills are so-so. She can’t take a beating at all. I had more exciting tricks up my sleeves!”

Lee Rourou replied, “Enough, hurry up.” As she spoke, she personally ruffled her own hair and ripped apart her clothes. She shrewdly collapsed onto the ground and pretended to be weak.

Wang Qiuge then deliberately called Yun Muzhong. Her voice was choked with sobs as she rained down her complaints.

Yun Muzhong had initially received Old Lady Shen’s call and was hurriedly driving home. However, hearing his gentle mistress’ whimperscoupled with her wordshis expression changed. He no longer cared about Old Lady Shen. He instantly swerved the car around to change directions and sped towards the Luxury Emperor.

Arriving at the suite that Wang Qiuge mentioned, he noticed Lee Rourou had feebly collapsed onto the ground. He then saw Wang Qiuge, bawling and recounting Yang Siru’s ‘violence’.

Without further ado, Yun Muzhong lifted up Yang Siru’s head and started striking it. “Stupid b*tch! Rourou is pregnant, but you still had to hit her! You’re too vicious!”

Yang Siru, who had initially fainted, was awakened by Yun Muzhong’s blows. Before she could respond, she was showered with punches. Her face immediately swelled.

Yun Muzhong acted in a fit of anger and didn’t hold back his fists.

Seeing that it was almost about time, Wang Qiuge stepped forward to pull him away. “Muzhong, hurry up! Rourou’s stomach feels unwell. We should quickly send her to the hospital.”

Yun Muzhong finally snapped out of his shock. “Yes, quickly send Rourou to the hospital.” After he spoke, he picked Lee Rourou from the ground and rushed her to the hospital.

Wang Qiuge followed behind, but not before twitching her brows provocatively at Yang Siru. She soundlessly mouthed,“Old witch. Ugly woman.”

Yang Siru fainted from her anger once again.

Old Lady Shen was still waiting at home. It was nighttime, and no one was in the house. She could only call Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue and her mother-in-law were engaged in a cheerful discussion. The villa had an additional warm ambiance. At night, they prepared a table full of dishes and waited for Xie Limo to return. She had important matters to discuss with Xie Limo tonight.