Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Infatuated With Young Master Xie

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As the granddaughter of the Shen family, she could have anything she wanted, especially with her elder brotherShen Zhengyaoconstantly doting on her. She had seen all kinds of men and had no lack of suitors who were young masters from royal families.

She had always known that she was outstanding. In the aspects of poetry, music, singing, painting, etiquette, and business, she was not lacking in any way. Thus, she had always been haughty.

However, during the explosion, she had met himYoung Master Xiewho seemingly had descended from the heavens. The awe that she had received from that moment was indescribable.

He was exquisite and elegant, cold and graceful, brilliant and charming. He was also strong and dominating. He effortlessly emanated a force that enchanted one’s heart.

And so, she was charmed and blown away. She had forgotten about her elder brother’s passing and only remembered Young Master Xie.

Her envy towards Yun Bixue was unparalleled. What did she have that she didn’t? What did she have that allowed her to receive such treatment from Xie Limo? What Yun Bixue had, she had too. She even had what Yun Bixue lacked and could even offer them to Xie Limo.

Why did such a favorable event happen to Yun Bixue? She was so jealous. She had developed a crazed infatuation with Xie Limo. Knowing that he wanted to meet her, she was not afraid and was even secretly looking forward to it.

Who wouldn’t love a man like this?She simply stood at her spot as she stared at Xie Limo, smitten. Her eyelashes gently trembled, and her expression changed slightly. The corners of her lips arched 45 degrees upwards. She had practiced in front of her mirror before. She knew that her current appearance was alluring. Many young masters had told her before that she could melt a man’s heart.

Xie Limo was also a man, and she believed that he would also be bewitched.

After a while, Xie Limo had yet to see any movement from Shen Jingcui. He lifted his head and glanced at Shen Jingcui once. His gaze was distant and cold, as though staring at a block of wood. “Why aren’t you signing it? You should know that you can only live if you sign these documents.”

Shen Jingcui walked slowly to the side of the table and gradually got closer to Xie Limo. Her heartbeat accelerated, and her heart almost jumped out. Her breaths grew uncontrollably rapid.

She looked at the contract and documents on the table, and her face turned pale. Weren’t these the assets that her elder brother, Shen Zhengyao, had transferred under his name in the end?

It was unknown how her elder brother had gotten their grandfather to entrust him as the owner of the house, and he had transferred all the assets under his name before the explosion. Xie Limo wanted her to sign transfer agreements, and to also acknowledge the doings of the Shen family throughout the years. All their actions, large and small, were recorded. Once these were exposed, the Shen family would have no room for reversal.

They would be reviled by everyone.

No, no. I can’t sign this!“Young Master Xie, I beg of you. Please, can’t you let the Shen family off?”

Young Master Xie replied coldly, “Shen Jingcui, on what basis do you think that I’ll let the Shen family off the hook? You begged me, but you’re not qualified to do so. Moreover, the Shen family tried to harm Bixue and me. I merely want your signatures. This is already showing the Shen family mercy.” If he weren’t trying to uphold the trust with the other royal families, he wouldn’t settle the matter with such a ‘gentle’ approach.

Yes, gentle. If this were the past, Xie Limo would’ve viciously eradicated the Shen family by now. However, he acted as the leader of Ning An City now and therefore had to consider the political impact and his public image.

Shen Jingcui listened to Xie Limo’s threateningly cold words, and her hands trembled. She spoke with effort, “Young Master Xie, I’ll do anything that you ask. I’m begging you to let the Shen family off!” She cried out pitifully, and her words seemed to be hinting at something.

The corner of Xie Limo’s lips hooked up coldly. He sarcastically asked, “Miss Shen, how much value do you think you’re worth?”

Shen Jingcui’s heart pounded uncontrollably. She then lowered her head and looked at herself. After some hesitation, she looked at Xie Limo once again. She thought that his aloof self was also gleaming with magnetism. His entire presence was shockingly captivating.

Thus, she clenched her jaw. She took off her dress, revealing her spotlessly white skin.