Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Seduction Of A Naked Body

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Shen Jingcui’s skin was fair. As she stood there, she appeared slender and elegant. Just like a flower ready to bloom, she was delicate and desirable. Like a blossoming flower, she was alluring. With one look, she could surely melt a man’s bones.

Shen Jingcui had also firmly made up her mind before doing this. At that moment, she felt embarrassed and uneasy. The only emotion she did not feel was fear. She was even secretly anticipating it. As long as she could attain Young Master Xie’s affection, she would achieve instant success.

She had heard of the legends of the Xie family, and she was confident that she could soar and have everyone at her beck and call by being together with Young Master Xie. The others were unaware about the Xie family, but she knew. Many of the political dignitaries in the entire Country A had been said to obey the commands of the Xie family.

Although she didn’t know why Young Master Xie had arrived at Ning An City, but she thought that he surely had his reasons. On the other hand, she had little opportunity to meet Young Master Xie on a usual day, and it was her chance now.

Moreover, thinking that she could get intimate with Young Master Xie, she had actually forgotten that she was in a state of undress. Instead, excitement shot through her heart.

Xie Limo was also taken aback by Shen Jingcui’s actions. They were talking about signing the documents. Little did he expect that she would do this in the next moment.

Although he kept his composure, he still failed to understand the minds of women.

Despite Shen Jingcui belief that she was enchanting, Xie Limo’s eyes only showed coldness. There was not a hint of lust from beginning to the end.

She would never know that there had been other women who had pulled even more audacious tricks. They had tried to climb into his bed, and another person had even attempted to drug him. Even in his drugged state, he had leisurely and calmly got himself out of the situation.

Having experienced countless traps like this, Xie Limo merely felt that Shen Jingcui was an eyesore. She made him feel rather irritated.

Shen Jingcui would never expect that Young Master Xie hadn’t detested her initially and was simply indifferent towards her. Now, he was completely disgusted by her. He couldn’t deny that Shen Jingcui’s ‘skills’ were truly meager. She absolutely couldn’t keep up with Young Master Xie’s pace as an experienced, crafty fox.

Shen Jingcui intentionally spoke in a feeble and delicate voice, “Young Master Xie, I I” She attempted to arouse a sense of tender care and protection in the man.

Xie Limo simply looked at Shen Jingcui. The arch in the corners of his lips grew, and a cold and taunting glint flashed across his exquisite eyes.Women were indeed cast from the same mold.No one can compare to Bixue.As he looked at her figure, his mind was involuntarily reminded of his wife.

As he listened to Shen Jingcui’s voice, Xie Limo felt more and more annoyed. She completely couldn’t match up to his wife, and her tone was an utter insult to Bixue’s delicate voice.

Shen Jingcui’s heart grew increasingly apprehensive. She felt as if Young Master Xie had seen through her entire body. After such a long time, her body felt cold. However, Young Master Xie didn’t speak a single word and merely looked at her. She grew more and more anxious.

Shen Jingcui clenched her jaw and offered, “Young Master Xie, I can Even if it’s just for a night, I’m willing.”

Xie Limo sighed in his heart. A young and refined lady from a royal family was merely of such standards. “Shen Jingcui, even if you’re willing, do I have to be willing too?” Xie Limo’s tone was loaded with heavy disdain.

Shen Jingcui lifted her head and widened her eyes. When she noticed the mockery and coldness in Xie Limo’s eyes, she was stunned.Why isn’t responding? Why? Am I not beautiful?

Shen Jingcui’s complexion turned pale. Her lips trembled as she said, “Young Master Xie, I’m pure.” If Young Master Xie remained apathetic, today would be her greatest humiliation.

“Shen Jingcui, I called you here so you could sign these documents. If you’re so reluctant, then there’s no need to do it. Your actions today will leave no room for the Shen family to gain a new lease on life. You’d better watch out!” Xie Limo’s voice sounded so cold; so very cold. It made Shen Jingcui tremble.