Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Cant Even Compare To One Of Her Toes

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Afterward, Xie Limo said casually, “If you don’t hurry and put on your clothes, you won’t have time to do it when the others come in later.”

Shen Jingcui gathered her courage and walked towards Xie Limo. She attempted to go closer to try and seduce Xie Limo.

While Xie Limo was distracted, she would take the chance to embrace him.

However, Xie Limo swung his hand and threw Shen Jingcui to the ground. He said coldly, “Shen Jingcui, since you’re a woman, I won’t be too harsh on you. Nevertheless, you should stop testing my patience.”

Shen Jingcui’s heart only grew crazed. The Young Master Xie, who was elegant, graceful and unaffected by seduction, was even more attractive. She felt caught under his spell.

He was just like a poppy flower; bearing poison. Once infected, a woman would be obsessed and unable to extricate herself from him. At that moment, Shen Jingcui was experiencing such a feeling.

Why did he ask to see me? Why is he turning a blind eye to me? Why couldn’t I just have him? Even if it’s for just one night, I’d still be willing and would have no regrets.

However, just as Xie Limo saiddid he have to agree just because she was willing?

Human beings have small hearts. After keeping someone within it, it would be impossible to place another inside. Neither would he notice even a trace of someone else’s wholesomeness.

Furthermore, Xie Limo had always been nonchalant towards the opposite sex. Shen Jingcui had chosen the wrong move. She never would’ve expected that because she tried to seduce Xie Limo, it would lead to the Shen family’s annihilation.

Shen Jingcui collapsed onto the ground and screamed, “Why?! Young Master Xie, I am very pure, and also pretty! I can be your mistress! Even if its only for a night, you should be more than willing. Why”

At this moment, Shen Jingcui looked like a lunatic in Xie Limo’s eyes. He was involuntarily reminded of what Wang Gangping had said. Wang Gangping had hysterically tried to kill him, solely just to yield some accomplishments. By doing so, his infatuated daughter could climb into bed with the Young Master Wang of the Wang family.

They were all a bunch of maniacs. Although he didn’t understand the minds of women, this situation was still an eye-opener.

Why? He initially didn’t want to offer her an explanation, but thinking of the dainty woman at home, he said, “Because, all women are no different from a block of wood in my eyes.”

“Why is it Yun Bixue?”

Xie Limo lowered his head. He answered in an elegant yet sinister manner, “Because, you can’t even compare to one of her toes.”

These words were utterly merciless and cruel. To Shen Jingcui, it was an outright blow.

Xie Limo pressed on the button on the table and said, “Get someone to take Shen Jingcui away.”

With those words, Shen Jingcui couldn’t care about anything else. She hurriedly picked herself up and began to put on her clothes in a flurry. Within a minute, the door opened, and two suited bodyguards entered. By then, Shen Jingcui had finally covered her body.

The two of them lowered her heads and looked at Shen Jingcui. Noticing her untidy clothes, a glint flashed across her eyes. They stepped forward and hoisted Shen Jingcui out without further hesitation.

They were aware of the number of women who had tried to climb into Young Master Xie’s bed. It was simply wishful thinking for trash like Shen Jingcui to even harbor such thoughts.

The two of them were forceful in their actions, and they simply had no intentions of being protective towards the fairer sex.

In her dizzy state, Shen Jingcui was sent into the prison cells, just like how a dead pig would be discarded.

After they left, Xie Limo held onto the stack of documents and destroyed them with a shredder.

Xie Liu approached Young Master Xie’s side and questioned doubtfully, “Young Master Xie, are you really shredding it?”

“Yes. Use another method to deal with the Shen family. Wipe the entire house clean.”

“Yes!” Xie Liu understood that Young Master Xie detested how the atmosphere around the house had been contaminated by Shen Jingcui earlier. Thus, he wanted to clean it.