Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Who Sent The Wedding Invitation?

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Yang Siru was livid. Ever since she discovered that Yun Muzhong had several mistresses and even got one of them pregnant, she almost went berserk. Everyone was treating her like a joke.

In the past, she had always looked down on others but bragged about herself. Every time she played mahjong with her so-called sisters, she would be unbearably haughty.

Now that everyone was aware of her embarrassing situation, their tones were loaded with mockery. She was not stupid and could naturally tell. This was all Yun Muzhong’s fault.

Now, Yun Muzhong still wants me to get lost and give up my position to the little sl*ts? Fat chance!

Bam!The sound of a punch shook the room. Yun Muzhong had struck her.

Yun Muzhong used her nails and hysterically clawed at Yun Muzhong’s face.

When Yun Mengshi returned home and witnessed this scene, she wanted to turn around and leave. They had been fighting for more than a month and had yet to put an end to it!

Lee Rourou stood there looking gentle and weak. With her head lowered, she appeared to be an easy target. In reality, her lips were arched up in a mocking curve, and she was sneering at the scene.

Old Lady Shen sat and wailed in anguish. She breathed out heavily but couldn’t take in enough air. “Oh no, oh no” she groaned incessantly.

However, no one ever bothered about her anymore. The Shen family had collapsed, and Old Lady Shen had lost her backing. Even in the Yun family, she didn’t hold any power. No one would pay attention to her now.

Even the servants were no longer as respectful and courteous as they were in the beginning. The Yun family’s standard of living started to deteriorate.

Yun Mengshi’s brows were tightly knitted. She truly didn’t wish to go home. Now, she was approaching the age appropriate for marriage discussions. Her home was horrid and oppressive, and it absolutely couldn’t offer her any benefits.

She could only remind herself that there was still Grandfather and Yun Bixue, and she wanted to use them to climb up.

Thinking that Young Master Su was getting married to Meng Xinyan, her heart felt a deep sense of injustice.Why? I couldn’t even seduce Young Master Su, let alone Young Master Xie.

Deep in her heart, she still hadn’t given up on Young Master Xie. Especially that day when the snow fell, she recalled how Young Master Xie had doted on her elder sister. She went crazy with jealousy, but could only pretend not to have seen it.

That day, Yun Bixue arrived at Snow Cloud Group. She found out about the entire organization’s current activities and then unified all the properties under the name of the Shen family. Her group had completely expanded to twice its size. After some favorable progress, it could become a big player in the industry.

Reviewing the financial statements and the employees’ reports, she ensured that there were no issues.

In addition, at the end of the year, Duan Qiushu’s video game company had brought in a profit of several billion, which had exceeded her initial expectations. Ever since Miao Zifu had sent this Duan Qiushu along, it had truly offered her a lot of surprises.

Thinking of Miao Zifu, she was naturally reminded of An Yexuan. She heard that he had returned to the imperial capital but then left in a flurry.

She had been in Ning An City the entire time and was not as well-informed of the situation in the imperial capital. She only knew that the An family was an unrivaled royal family in the imperial capital. Thus, when he’d said the word, no one dared to offer her a helping hand.

Shaking her head, Yun Bixue didn’t want to dwell on the past, lest she intensifies her sorrow.

Knock knock!

“Come in!”

“Elder Sister Yun, I retrieved an invitation from the reception. Someone said it was for you.”

“Leave it here!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

When Yun Bixue opened up the invitation, she realized that it was Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan’s wedding invitation. Looking at this invitation card, she felt rather insulted. Was Meng Xinyan purposely showing off to her?

As she wondered, Yun Bixue called the reception. “Who sent the invitation? Did she give her name?”

“It was Miss Meng.”

When Yun Bixue heard this, she contacted Meng Xintong. “Your family’s second daughter is getting married. What’s your take on this?”