Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 200

Chapter 200 Swaying Yun Mengshi

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Meng Xintong’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Miss Yun, my father is currently thinking about how to use his daughter to safeguard the royal status of the Meng family. Now, my father has also started to force me into matchmaking to gain alliances through marriage. Meng Xintong is just another pawn in his marriage alliance game. In reality, my father values his youngest son the most.”

“Chen Pei’s son is currently a junior high student.”

“Attending junior high school will pave the road for his success. Meng Xinyan is happily preparing to be a bride at home. Miss Yun, if you require my assistance, I will do what I can.” The implication was that she, Meng Xintong, had the ability to disrupt Meng Xinyan’s wedding ceremony.

Yun Bixue shook her head and replied, “That’s not necessary. I have good news for you. Meet me at the usual place.”

At Times Restaurant.

When Yun Bixue passed the documents to Meng Xintong, the latter was in disbelief. “Is this true?” The son that her father had always valued tremendously had been brought up elsewhere, under a variety of upbringing. He was actually not related by blood to the Meng family!

She was still in disbelief, and her head was dizzy. How could this be?

Yun Bixue seemed to understand Meng Xintong’s thoughts. She opened her mouth and said, “Everything is possible. A matching test has been done, and it confirms that he is not your father’s son. And remember, Chen Pei started off as a mistress. She’s been with many others during her youth. In the end, she thought that your father could provide her with a lawful status, and thus chose to stay with him.”

Meng Xintong clutched the documents tightly. Her grip was very firm, and her eyes were brimming with hatred. “Chen Pei, how dare she!” Thinking about her birth mother, Meng Xintong’s animosity grew deeper.

“I’m telling you this so you can bear with it. This is also one of the trump cards in your hands. You have to make sure everything goes well and search for a good opportunity to leak it out.” Ever since Meng Xintong had asked for her help, Yun Bixue had started paying attention to the Meng family. She checked on the Meng family as well as Chen Pei. Indeed, she found some dubious points through several small clues.

Since the olden days, all sorts of scenarios had emerged from the royal families. Thus, if one wanted to, it wasn’t a difficult task to conduct an investigation.

This time, Meng Xintong felt even more thankful towards Yun Bixue. With these documents in her hands, she was certain that she no longer had to be the Meng family’s pawn, let alone go through a marriage alliance.

“Also, attend Meng Xinyan’s wedding as per normal. Pull some tricks and officially be on everyone’s radar. I hear that it’ll be a live telecast. You have to grasp this opportunity.”

“I understand.”

Yun Bixue left the meeting leisurely. Shortly after, she received a call from Yun Mengshi, who seemed to be crying for help.

Yun Bixue’s eyes lit up momentarily; it was such a timely call.

At the office.

Yun Bixue poured Yun Mengshi a cup of tea as she ‘consoled’ her, “Mengshi, you have to start making plans for yourself. If we look at the main issue of the argument, your father is simply not concerned if your mom lives or dies. He has a mistress and also another child, which means he has nothing to fear. You see, no matter how your father acted outside in the past, he never brought those matters home.”

Yun Mengshi was rather flustered. “My father has another child?” She had constantly been away from home and wasn’t aware of it.

“You didn’t know? I heard about it when your mother’s former good friends were discussing it. They said that he already has a child.”

“No way, my father can’t have another child!”

“Mengshi, even if he didn’t have this child, he’ll eventually have another. As long as your father has a mistress, she can bear children for him. So you have to start making plans for yourself. While your family is still together, and the Yun family is still somewhat capable, you should find someone to marry.”

With just a word of advice, Yun Bixue passed the invitation that Meng Xinyan had given her to Yun Mengshi. She said, “This is your invitation. The Su and Meng are both royal families. As part of the Yun family, we have to show up. You should go as the Yun family’s representative. At the same time, you can use this opportunity to get to know some young masters.”