Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Entering The Entertainment Industry

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In summary, Yun Mengshi dropped by, and under Yun Bixue’s coaxing, she left with the invitation.

Having arranged everything, Yun Bixue felt her body and mind become lively. She thought that the feeling of having everything within her grasp was brilliant. It was as though her own abilities were being upgraded the longer she spent time with Xie Limo.

Gazing down from the building of the Snow Cloud Group, Yun Bixue recalled that the Su Family Organization was intending to enter the entertainment industry. In that case, her Snow Cloud Group would also join the movie industry.

The script that she had chosen to invest in was based on the new game that Duan Qiushu designed.

When she met Duan Qiushu, he was hard at work.

Noticing that Yun Bixue had arrived, Duan Qiushu hurriedly rose and said respectfully, “Miss Yun.”

“Why so polite? You shouldn’t work too hard. How are your parents’ health?”

Duan Qiushu’s gaze became gentle when speaking about his parents. “Yes, they are. I managed to buy the house that you helped to review for me using my own abilities. My parents have already settled in it, so I’ll be going home for dinner after work.” He had never dreamed that he would experience a day like today. He could fulfill his duties as a son and be filial, allowing his parents to live comfortably.

Yun Bixue sat on the president’s couch and said, “Do you know why I took a liking to you initially? It was precisely because of your character. Being filial to your parents is the most important trait, and you’ve done exceptionally well.”

“It’s all due to Miss Yun’s kindness.”

Watching how honest Duan Qiushu was, Yun Bixue snickered, “You’re still so straightforward. Ning An City is full of royal families. There are too few individuals like you around. Don’t be too busy, alright? It’s time for you to look for a wife.”

At the mention of this topic, Duan Qiushu’s complexion turned sour. The corners of his lips curved into a wry smile. “I only wish to work hard at my job and take good care of my parents. I don’t want to think about anything else.”

“You’re no longer young. It’s time to consider it. Should I introduce someone to you?”

“No, no. No need.” Duan Qiushu shook his head frantically.

Yun Bixue ceased her teasing. Withdrawing her smile, she said, “Okay, look at how frightened you are. The reason for my visit is to discuss making a TV series based on our most popular game.”

Duan Qiushu was taken aback. Could a game be shot as a TV series? It was the first time he had ever heard of it. “Miss Yun, is that possible? Nowadays, the TV series are all specially scripted and directed. If we follow the game’s story, won’t everyone already know the plot?”

“I think this is a win-win strategy. To enter the entertainment industry, we have to rise to fame in a single shot. Although this method is rather risky, it’s also the best method, isn’t it? The game already has a horde of loyal supporters, with almost a billion people as an audience. If the TV series were to take off, the game would also blow up even more.” No one had ever filmed a TV series from a game, and she would be the first to try.

Duan Qiushu looked at Yun Bixue, who was overflowing with confidence. She looked skillful and bright, and his heart slowly grew excited.

The more he interacted with Miss Yun, the more he admired and respected her. She was his benefactor and had acknowledged his talent. He swore in his heart that he would never betray Miss Yun in this life. He would help her accomplish everything that she wanted to do.

After some deliberation, the name ‘A Thousand-Year Dreaming Fox’ was set for the latest and most popular game. It depicted a love story between extraordinary heroes. After the discussion, the Snow Cloud Group started to convene several high-level meetings and finally left the production works to the team.

At the end of the year, Yun Bixue purchased some things and requested for Yang Mei to bring someone over. She thought that perhaps she needed to visit Miao Zifu.

Looking at the shy 18-year-old boy before her, she simply couldn’t reconcile that he was linked to the mysterious ‘gold finger’ of the stock market. He single-handedly controlled several financial crises.