Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 207

Chapter 207 The Su Family Boosting Interest

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Under the media and newspapers’ extreme exaggeration, the entire Ning An City learned that the Su and Meng families were becoming connected through marriage. Some were envious, some were jealous, while others were delighted.

Because of the marriage alliance between the Su and Meng families, everyone in Ning An City was focusing all their attention on them.

Father Meng was especially ecstatic, and his arms had gone weak from receiving gifts. Chen Pei changed from her usual low profile ways and was overjoyed. The Su family was an unrivaled royal family in Ning An City. Moreover, Young Master Su had a promising future. The Su Family Organization was also growing internationally. Their wealth was limitless.

With the Su family as their backing, their youngest son would have an elder sister and brother-in-law assisting him financially when he matures, regardless of whether he pursued an official or business career.

The more they thought, the more Father Meng and Chen Pei felt that their youngest son would quickly advance when he grew up, as if he was atop a golden and dazzling rocket. They would also follow their son and tear through the skies.

As the influence of the marriage was tremendous, and it was also guaranteed to happen, the stocks of the Su Family Organization began to soar. It rose above the highest peak, breaking historical records.

As long as the TV was switched on, it would be reporting on the affairs of the Su and Meng families. Watching their smiles that were as radiant as sunshine, Yun Bixue’s lips curled up into a faint curve.

She watched these figures that were once familiar to her, and although some things remained the same, the people had changed. In the beginning, she had wished to enjoy a motherly feeling from Mother Su. She told herself that she must be filial to Mother Su and treat her as if she was her real mother. It was because she knew that to sustain a marriage, she needed to come to terms with one thing: loving someone also meant loving his family, and to love everyone that he loved.

However, even though she had realized this, the opposite party might not necessarily treat her well. Mother Su was neither warm nor cold towards her. Even if she showed more warmth, Yun Bixue would only feel bitter in her heart.

She looked at Ji Qiongxin beside her, who had just prepared desserts, and Yun Bixue’s eyes were dotted with tears. This was her mother. She was grateful towards the heavens for giving her such a lovely mother-in-law. Sometimes, Ji Qiongxin was even kinder than any other birth mother.

When Yun Bixue called Yun Mengshi, she heard the endless bickering on the other end of the phone. It sounded like Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru’s voices, accompanied by Old Lady Shen’s exasperated outcries.

Yun Bixue held the phone further away from her ear. Thankfully she was no longer in the Yun family home. Sometimes she thought, if it hadn’t been for her guardian angel, Xie Limo, then based on the Yun family and Old Lady Shen’s temperament, they would surely cause her trouble all day long.

Nowadays, they didn’t dare to do anything to her. In reality, it was all due to Xie Limo’s overwhelming deterring force.

She recalled that Old Lady Shen had hired someone to kill her at first. Afterward, Xie Limo stepped in. She didn’t know what he told Old Lady Shen, but she ceased her plan in the end.

“Elder Sister!” Yun Mengshi’s voice sounded like she was crying.

“Enough, you just have to bear with it. Isn’t Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan’s wedding ceremony this weekend? The invitation is with you. Remember to go and hook up with a wealthy man to break away from the Yun family! Ah, you have to make plans for yourself. If someone uncovered the Yun family’s issues, then your social status will plummet By then, it will be too late for you to try to gain a new lease on life”

Yun Bixue sounded earnest, but it simply stimulated Yun Mengshi into doing what she needed to do.

On the other hand, Meng Xintong appeared to be thrilled about her ‘younger sister’ Meng Xinyan’s wedding. She helped out in different ways, just like a close older sister would. Father Meng was especially won over by that sincere smile on her face and praised her. The women who offered gifts were also impressed by this eldest daughter of the Meng family.