Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Dislike Meng Xinyan Choose Yun Bixue?

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In fact, Meng Xintong was truly elated. Ever since Yun Bixue passed her those documents, she had a firm grasp of the evidence that could be used against Chen Pei. Once they were leaked out, it was to easy to imagine the ending that the Meng family would ultimately fall into. Therefore, her mood was incomparably jovial.

Her smile towards Chen Pei was also especially radiant.

Conversely, Chen Pei kept feeling something nag at her heart. She constantly felt that Meng Xintong, the daughter that she did not give birth to, was odd and somewhat suspicious. Could she be so upset that she went mad?

However, regardless of how odd it wasand also because she was busy with Meng Xinyan’s marriage and ecstatic with the unionshe naturally overlooked Meng Xintong.

Meng Xintong watched Chen Pei’s enthusiasm, and her gaze turned icy. The happier Chen Pei felt, and the higher her spirits were boosted, the harsher her eventual fall.

At the Su family, Father and Mother Su also buried the hatchet and genuinely felt glad for their son. They were occupied with greeting the arriving guests and sending off the departing ones.

“Congratulations! Young Master Su is indeed young and promising. Together with Miss Meng, they are a perfect match!”

“The Su and Meng families coming together is an alliance between giants.”

Father Su happily replied, “Haha, you flatter us! Old Brother Gao, come in and have a cup of tea!”

“No, thank you. During the day of the wedding, I will surely attend. Haha”

“Naturally. Welcome”

“Elder Sister, your son getting married is such a huge affair. I will definitely come.” A married woman came with her daughter who was dressed excessively, as though they had just attained sudden riches.

“Oh my, Younger Sister He! Quick, come in please.”

“No, thank you, I’m here to present my gifts. In the past, I had wanted my daughter to marry Young Master Su. However, Young Master Su is an outstanding youth in our Ning An City. He has high standards and naturally wouldn’t be fond of my daughter.” Missus He’s words were dripping with bitterness.

Mother Su laughed along and replied politely. “Ah, that child, Lenghan, is always not around. By the time we noticed, he was already with Xinyan. He’s probably never met Miss He. And she’s so pretty, too! I wonder who will be able to marry such a wonderful lady like Miss He”

After the mutual flattering, she left.

For the next few days, Father and Mother Su were also worn out. All the royal families of Ning An City made a visit, including the respected figures. They were simply swamped.

This was Ning An City’s customs for marriagereceiving gifts before the wedding and turning up on the wedding day.

Nowadays, the Su and Meng families’ conditions were flourishing. All the bright individuals of Ning An City offered them lavish gifts. Some of the nobodies also wished to join and make their faces known.

The Su and Meng families were cheerful, except for Su Lengxian, who pestered her elder brother all day long. “Elder Brother, how could you really marry Meng Xinyan? That woman is really wicked. She constantly pulls tricks and schemes against others. Elder Brother, you have to believe me.”

“Lengxian, you don’t understand the current situation in Ning An City. This is the inevitable choice that your elder brother has to make.”

If coercion wouldn’t work, then Su Lengxian would coax him. “Elder Brother, I just dislike Meng Xinyan. I don’t want her to be my sister-in-law, okay?”

“Lenghan, you were really fond of Xinyan in the beginning. You were also supportive of your elder brother breaking up with Yun Bixue and choosing Xinyan afterward. Why are you like this now?” During this period, he had been occupied with too many things. Su Lenghan was too exhausted and almost couldn’t shoulder the load anymore.

Su Lengxian also felt rather regretful. Meng Xinyan paled in comparison to Yun Bixue. If she had to choose between them, she would actually prefer Yun Bixue over Meng Xinyan.

Su Lengxian clenched her jaw and said, “Elder Brother, if someone has to become my sister-in-law, then let Yun Bixue be it, okay? She was much nicer to Elder Brother in the past, and she did everything while thinking of you. At least she’s better than Meng Xinyan. Meng Xinyan only thinks about herself.”

Su Lenghan had already set his heart on spending his life with Meng Xinyan. However, with Su Lengxian harping on about Yun Bixue all day long, he involuntarily recalled his past days with her. The closer his wedding date drew, the emptier his heart felt.