Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Su Lenghan's Headache

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The more Su Lenghan thought, the more his head throbbed. He could only hear a ringing sensation in his head. Resting his head on the chair, he shut his eyes to recuperate. He waved his hand at Su Lengxian and said, “Lengxian, if you want to keep venturing into the entertainment business and becoming a celebrity, you have to accept Xinyan as your sister-in-law. It’s only when the Su family can stand firm that it can become your backing. The entertainment industry is complex. You know this as well; could someone without a backer really shoot to fame?”

“But Elder Brother!”

“If you speak one more word, I will withdraw my investment.”

Su Lengxian finally left, grinding her teeth in anger. Her hatred towards Meng Xinyan grew deeper.

There was only one more day until the wedding. Meng Xinyan arrived at the Su family home and noticed how Su Lengxian was furious and looked at her with disdain. She raised her brows mockingly, and her face showed a pleased expression. “Lengxian, where are you going? There are so many guests at home. Why aren’t you helping to greet them?” She acted like she was the matriarch of the house.

Ever since Meng Xinyan and Su Lenghan officially got together, all her actions for the past six months gradually deviated from her previous days as the best debutante. Her real nature started to reveal itself bit by bit.

After all, with Chen Pei, a mistress as her mother, how wonderful could her personality be?

Meng Xinyan failed to learn how to be low profile. Little did she know that a young lady’s power of destruction could also be strong.

Su Lengxian hadn’t initially planned on doing anything. However, looking at the smug expression on Meng Xinyan’s face, she felt annoyed. “Meng Xinyan, don’t feel too pleased with yourself.”

Meng Xinyan smiled arrogantly and replied, “My future sister-in-law, we’ll be a family in the future, so don’t speak such awful words. Rest assured, as your sister-in-law, I will take care of you in the future.”

To Meng Xinyan, Su Lengxian was of no threat. The outdated and unknown daughter of the Su family, riddled with so many scandals, was already of no value to the Su family.

In the future, the Su family would be under her command. If she were to bear a child, it would bring greater assurance to her position.

As she fantasized, Meng Xinyan even quietly caressed her tummy. She’d had too much to eat during this period and kept wanting to sleep. She had secretly guessed her condition but had yet to go for a checkup. If it was good news, she would keep it to herself and reveal it after the wedding.

Su Lengxian had wanted to exit through the front doors. She seemed to recall something, so she turned back and yelled, “Meng Xinyan, your first meeting with my elder brother was something you single-handedly plotted, wasn’t it? Don’t think that I’m not aware of this!”

“So what if you know? You were the one who helped me. As your sister-in-law, I should thank you. Who have you taken a liking to? I’ll help you out.”

Listening to her offer, Su Lengxian only grew more and more infuriated.

Meng Xinyan arrived at Su Lenghan’s bedroom and found her fianc. Noticing that his eyes were closed as he recuperated, she walked over and covered his eyes. She asked in a sweet voice, “Guess who?”

Su Lenghan laughed. Pulling away Meng Xinyan’s hand, he said, “You’re here.”

“Yes. The day after tomorrow is the wedding day. I was feeling nervous, so I came to see you.”

Su Lenghan patted her face and said comfortingly, “There is nothing to be nervous about. Everything has been prepared. You just get ready to be a bride.”

“Oh yes, Lenghan, did you hire the best stylist and makeup artist? I want to be beautiful that day. I don’t want to end up a mockery.” Since the marriage was already set, Meng Xinyan’s words sounded like she was doing more and more as she pleased.

However, as Su Lenghan listened to these words, he knitted his brows. Perhaps what Su Lengxian said earlier was trueMeng Xinyan only considered herself.

Nonetheless, with the current situation, he couldn’t afford to have other thoughts. “Yes, you’ll have everything you want. I got the top stylist and makeup artist. This is the wedding rundown and arrangements. Everything is written there; you can take a look.”