Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Mother Sus Regrets

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Meng Xinyan merrily looked it over. After taking a look, she exclaimed, “Lenghan, is there something wrong here? Shouldn’t we include a transition and add more flower petals? I think this is too little Also, here. Isn’t this emcee a bit too unknown? And”

Meng Xinyan pointed out all the things that she found unsatisfactory.

Su Lenghan’s brows knitted even tighter. “Xinyan, that’s too rushed. It’s not advisable.”

Meng Xinyan didn’t think that she was wrong. “Everyone knows that our wedding is the wedding of the century. We can’t let other people pick up on any mistakes. And don’t forget, the Su and Meng families are both unrivaled royal families.” Most importantly, her group of sisters would be envious to death.

Some time back, those group of sisters had been sneering at her status as the second daughter of the Meng family.Hmph, I’ll make them take a better look. They could never reach my caliber, even if they tried their very best.

Since Meng Xinyan was unsatisfied, Su Lenghan had no choice but to rearrange everything from scratch. The timing was too short, and he didn’t sleep the entire night. He finally completed the preparations by Saturday night. Meng Xinyan was finally satisfied and couldn’t find any more faults.

Mother Su’s heart ached for her son, and she inevitably nagged him, “Why does it seem like you’re serving our ancestors? She’s already so picky even before the marriage. Won’t she just become outrageous after you two get married? You would be better off marrying a virtuous woman instead!” Mother Su sighed and thought of Yun Bixue at the same time.

If she had known earlier, she would have advised her son against this marriage.

He had been continuously slaving away, and not resting at night. Who could take it? This Meng Xinyan was also lacking. As his wife, how could she not feel sorry for her husband?

Mother Su harbored disapproval in her heart. Su Lenghan could only persuade his mother not to worry.

Mother Su looked at her son’s emaciated face, and she was upset. “Look, it’s only been a while. Why have you become so thin?”

“Mom, it’s all right. All mothers see their sons as thin. If I became fat, I wouldn’t look good anymore. There are lots of people who are fond of your son now, aren’t there? That proves that I’m in the right shape.”

Mother Su gently hit Su Lenghan’s shoulders. She moved her hands to his shoulders and tidied his clothes. She had a lot to say but kept many things to herself. “Lenghan, I’ve thought this through. I’m not asking for much, I just want you to be happy. If you truly like Xinyan that much, Mom will also treat her like my daughter. If you don’t like her, Mom will also support your decision.”

“Mom, we’re almost getting married. Why are you still saying these things? Don’t let your thoughts run wild.”

“Yes, yes. I won’t let my thoughts run wild. You’re getting married, and I should feel happy.” She didn’t know why, but Mother Su’s heart just couldn’t calm down. It was as if she felt even more nervous than her son. She had still been pretty excited yesterday. However, with her son working through the night, she felt displeased again.

Su Lenghan gently embraced Mother Su. In reality, his parents had been considerably concerned about him, and he didn’t want them to feel an ounce of worry for him.

If Meng Xinyan had any issues that she wasn’t satisfied with, he would try as much as possible to appease her. He also wished that as their daughter-in-law, she would help to take care of his parents in the future.

In the blink of an eye, his parents had grown old.

Su Lenghan worked away the entire night, lost in his thoughts. The next day, he woke up at 3 am to began preparations. Today was his wedding day, and everyone would be keeping a close eye on the event. The Su family couldn’t afford to commit any mistakes. For the sake of his parents, he had to trudge forward.

Although Yun Bixue wasn’t going to attend Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan’s wedding ceremony, Yun Mengshi would participate as the representative of the Yun family.

Xie Limo also graciously sent a congratulatory gift that was worth tens of millions. When Yun Bixue found out, her heart ached.