Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Congratulatory Gift That Costs Ten Million

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In fact, a sum of ten million was insignificant to Xie Limo. Even if he dropped it on the ground, he wouldn’t even pick it up. However, he still had to do something for Yun Bixue’s sake.

The congratulatory gift was delivered under his and Yun Bixue’s names.

This action was meant to taunt the Su familydidn’t you look down on Yun Bixue? Doing this would let the Su family know that they were living a wonderful life. A mere congratulatory gift already cost ten million. If they could be so generous even to strangers, it would take no effort to guess how they spent their days.

When Mother and Father Su received such a gift, their expressions turned sour. They were involuntarily reminded of their treatment towards Yun Bixue in the past.

Especially when the Yun family went bankrupt; when Old Master Yun needed assistance, they didn’t even offer a mere 600,000 yuan. They even snubbed them.

In the end, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue had instead offered a congratulatory gift worth ten million.

It felt like a slap to their faces, and they turned crimson from embarrassment. It was like they had eaten a fly, and it was hard to swallow.

It was marvelous to receive a gift of ten million yuan, but their hearts only felt very uneasy.

Su Lenghan noticed that his parents’ complexions were pale and their smiles were rigid. He approached them and asked, “What happened?”

“Young Master Su, our Young Master Xie and Young Madam sent a congratulatory gift. Please take a look.”

Su Lenghan’s eyes shrank. Peering at the gift list, he almost gasped, his expression tense.

He was also reminded of the 600,000 yuan surgery fees back then.

He recalled how coldly he had treated Yun Bixue. Yun Bixue had waited in the underground garage for him. She had been warm and gentle and even pleaded with him. However, how had he responded?

These memories rushed through his head all at once, and his body swayed. He was already feeling exhausted and hadn’t slept for two nights. With such a blow, his vision whirled.

“Lenghan, what happened to you?” Watching her son in this state, Mother Su was anxious.

Su Lenghan shook his head. Keeping calm, he said, “Mom, I’m fine. Go and greet the guests. The wedding is starting soon.”

Mother Su was rather concerned and only went to greet the guests after some urging. Her mind remained unsettled, and she kept thinking about that past matter involving Yun Bixue.

Although Yun Bixue did not attend the wedding, Xie Limo informed her beforehand that he would bring Yun Bixue out for a meal.

Yun Bixue followed him elatedly. In the end, they had dinner in a posh building right across from the Su family’s wedding ceremony. From the top of the building, they could see the entire scene distinctly. It was even clearer than the live telecast on TV. Plus, they could see whatever they wanted to firsthand.

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo with suspicions and asked, “Aren’t we having a meal?”

“Eating while watching the live telecast, isn’t that just great?” Xie Limo thought that there was bound to be some entertaining scenes during the wedding ceremony today. Thus, he brought his wife along to watch as a way to unwind.

Looking at her husband’s admirable appearance, Yun Bixue felt that he was pleasing to the eyes.

Xie Limo lightly caressed Yun Bixue’s head and asked, “Do you think that looking at your husband is better than watching the live show?”

“Husband, have you also learned how to make fun of your wife?” Yun Bixue actually felt her spirits lifting as Xie Limo teased her.

After all, Su Lenghan had initially been the person she had chosen to rely on. To know that he was getting married and the bride was not her, she would naturally feel unhappy. Regardless of her current state, Su Lenghan had indeed kicked away the Yun family. He had not chosen her, and that was the truth.

But every time she felt down, Xie Limo would always be by her side. This was more important than anything else. She was grateful, and she cherished it.

Suddenly, Yun Bixue became solemn and said with utter sincerity, “Limo, Hubby, you’re the best in my heart.” It was true. He had pulled her out of her desolation. Even as her former lover was marrying someone else, she didn’t feel as upset as she had imagined. Her heart felt very peaceful.