Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Young Master Xie Dislikes The Su Family's Ceremonies

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Xie Limo’s exquisite eyes flashed with gentleness at hearing that sentence from Yun Bixue, and they looked as vibrant as stained glass. They gleamed with radiance, and it was an alluring and beautiful sight.

The corners of his lips curled into a tender smile. At that moment, his appearance had all the elegance in the world. Even the radiance of a hundred blooming flowers couldn’t compare to the smile he wore on his lips.

His beauty was innate. Amidst the change in his expressions, an enchanting and enticing scent exuded from him. His fragrance was tempting.

In a daze, Yun Bixue sank deep into his warmth, especially when his jade-like hands gently combed through her hair.

“Okay, have some coffee. It will turn cold soon. Try some of the desserts here too. Order whatever you feel like eating.” As long as his wife was cheerful, his mood always perked up.

He wanted to always pamper her like this and to give her everything he could. He wanted her to enjoy the proper treatment that a Madam Xie deserved.

Yun Bixue lowered her head and looked at the coffee. Xie Limo had personally ground the beans himself. Holding on to the coffee mug, a warm sensation built up in her heart.

When they met each others’ eyes, they could see their own silhouettes reflected within.

Suddenly, the sounds of firecrackers boomed outside. Yun Bixue looked down from the window and saw more than ten luxurious cars parked outdoors. Amid the firecrackers, Su Lenghan exited from the doors. Today, he donned a white suit, and his features were refined. He appeared exceptionally magnificent.

From Yun Bixue’s location, she couldn’t clearly make out the expressions on his face. However, he didn’t appear to be smiling. He waved to the crowd and boarded a car in the second row. He appeared to be setting off to fetch the bride.

Watching this scene, she couldn’t help but space out. In the past, she had fantasized about Su Lenghan and how their wedding would be like. She recalled that she had also discussed it with Su Lenghan back then.

“Lenghan, the Yun and Su families are both royal families of Ning An City. Will our future wedding be very large-scale? Actually, I think it doesn’t need to be extravagant. As long as you and I, and our loved ones, are present, I think that will be enough.”Her past self had been so silly and naive. With no concept of a relationship, she only wanted to escape from the Yun family and have her own warm family.

However, Su Lenghan’s replies were like a blanket of cold water, extinguishing her enthusiasm in an instant. Even now, she could still remember his reply.

That time, he had said,“Bixue, it’s still early now. It’s impractical to discuss this.”

“But, have you thought about it? Our wedding ceremony?”

Her complexion must have been very pale at that time. Seemingly to comfort her, Su Lenghan finally said,“The Su and Yun families are both royal families of Ning An City. If it’s too extravagant and excessive, there will surely be many unfavorable rumors. We should be more low-profile and simpler”

Thinking back, she really felt like she’d been a joke back then. Looking at this scene revolving the Su family, it couldn’t be described with merely ‘extravagant’ and ‘excessive’. It was as if they were afraid that others might not be aware of the event. Observing the scene, it was a rather massive occasion. There was even more than ten best men present. Every car that came to fetch the bride was occupied by a best man, and there were almost twenty cars in the fleet.

Yun Bixue asked Xie Limo, “What do you think?”

“It’s so-so!” Yes, in Xie Limo’s eyes, what the Su and Meng families regarded as the wedding of the century merely looked ordinary. There was nothing spectacular about it.

The corners of Yun Bixue’s twitched, and she commented, “I think they must have spent a bomb. It’ll be all over the news again tomorrow.”

Xie Limo had a sudden thoughtif he were to inform Yun Bixue on how the wedding of the Xie family’s heir would look, would she faint from the pain in her heart? That was the real deal. To the Xie family, the Su family’s standards weren’t even worthy of being discussed.

This time, Meng Xintong had sharpened up. She no longer remained low-profile and tagged alongside Father Meng as she worked.

All the relatives from the Meng family now knew that she was the real eldest daughter of the Meng familythe daughter of Father Meng’s original wife.

As the guests watched, they all felt that Meng Xintong was truly elegant and full of poise, and even more suited to be the best debutante than Meng Xinyan. They couldn’t help but offer their praises.