Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Making Things Difficult For Young Master Su

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Facing the crowd’s cries of praise, Meng Xintong would reply with a smile. She was elegant and poised, without being discourteous. She wanted to take advantage of today’s opportunity to elevate her presence. She wanted everyone to know that she was the eldest daughter of the Meng family, and win over the acknowledgment and approval of all the Meng family’s members.

When the time was ripe, she could then reveal the documents she possessed.

Thinking about what transpired last night, Meng Xintong clenched her jaw silently. She must definitely fight for herself.

Chen Pei had been in discussion with Father Meng last night. She wished for Meng Xintong to be speedily wedded to another family after Meng Xinyan’s wedding. This was due to her stellar performance before the others during this period. Meng Xintong had seemingly stolen the limelight from Chen Pei’s own daughter, much to the latter’s displeasure.

Chen Pei left the bride’s house and noticed many complimenting Meng Xintong. Fury surged within her, and she stomped over to Father Meng’s side. She resentfully said, “Today is Xinyan’s wedding. How would it look to allow an improper person to show her face?”

Father Meng frowned and replied, “Take note of the occasion and how you speak. Don’t let the others make a fool of you.” Father Meng felt that Chen Pei’s foresight had increasingly worsened. Even if she wanted to marry off her eldest daughter, she should vie for the best groom. With Meng Xintong’s image improving, more people would be paying close attention. Her social status and worth would also rise exponentially.

Noticing Father Meng’s irritated gaze, Chen Pei could only suppress her indignation and occupy herself with other chores. In the end, she secretly scowled at Meng Xintong.

On the contrary, Meng Xintong responded with a smile. She absolutely loved how Chen Pei looked when she was angry and frustrated.

Shortly after, the groom’s party called. They would be arriving soon after a ten-minute journey, and everyone assumed their assigned roles. Seeing the groom’s fleet of cars approaching, they began to set off the firecrackers.

Amidst the crackling sounds, the cars halted before the doors. The reporters started to crowd forward and surrounded them. They began snapping away pictures and positioned their video cameras to record the scene from all angles too. After all, it was a live telecast. Su Lenghan held a bouquet of flowers and smiled elegantly. He appeared to be immensely overjoyed.

However, Su Lenghan didn’t expect that it would be difficult to handle the team of bridesmaids. They constantly gave him challenges, and in the end, they seemed to be making things difficult for him.

Su Lenghan’s brows grew more and more knitted. He gently pursed his thin lips, and his expression looked tense. He already lacked proper sleep and was overly exhausted. At that point in time, his complexion revealed a tinge of pallor and weariness.

“Young Master Su, you’re the groom today. If you give us a lackluster performance, you won’t be allowed to escort the bride away!”

“That’s right! We want Young Master Su to suffer greatly today, and us sisters will decide if we’re satisfied or not.”

“Answering questions didn’t even stump Young Master Su. We didn’t expect Young Master Su to be so talented at singing. Aiya, this red packet is bursting! I can’t bear to let it go.”

“Young Master Su, you’re the groom today. Strike a few difficult poses, like this, and this”

“If I may add, he should howl like a wolf! Wolves are most loyal to their companions.”

“Young Master Su, you still have to sweet-talk us. Our bride can leave with you when she’s satisfied”

The entire team of bridesmaids had resorted to every conceivable means to embarrass Young Master Su. Even the team of best men were stupefied and couldn’t respond in time. Besides the stiff expression on Young Master Su’s face, the atmosphere grew increasingly heavy and awkward.

Undeniably, this group of bridesmaids that Meng Xinyan put together was outstanding. They were all close friends whom she’d always considered her sisters. Like birds of a feather, they were ‘sisters’ who flocked together every day, constantly comparing each other and boasting about themselves.

These individuals had heard their fair share of Meng Xinyan’s arrogant bragging. Especially when she invited them to her weddingshe made the announcement proudly. She’d looked as if they couldn’t match up to her. It was uncomfortable to watch.

Thus, they became part of the bridesmaids’ team not out of sincerity to help Meng Xinyan, but to intentionally make things difficult for Su Lenghan.