Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Su Lenghan Refused To Profess His Love

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In the house, Meng Xinyan was feeling delighted. She didn’t expect that Su Lenghan loved her this much. Her sisters had presented countless requests, but he had accomplished everything. While her heart felt pleasantly sweet, she also felt a sense of satisfaction at the same time.

Two bridesmaids were seated beside her. Feeling jealous, they spoke with envy, “Xinyan, out of all our sisters, you have the best guy. With a groom like Young Master Su, we’re all so envious.”

“That’s right! He’s considerate and gentle, and also rich and dashing. The current top male model is worlds apart from Young Master Su. Tsk, tsk. You’ve really hooked yourself a wealthy man.”

Watching the scene, their faces were definitely green with envy.

Amidst this sea of envy, Meng Xinyan’s vanity swelled. Her eyes revealed a haughty expression. What she didn’t know was that a relationship required mutual understanding and investment. If only one party expended effort, the heart would eventually grow weary.

She only felt that Su Lenghan was no longer as considerate to her as before. As she worried about her gains and losses, she held on tighter. She even desperately wanted to satisfy her own ego through certain methods, and from there, confirm that the other party cared about her.

Little did she expect that the more she tried, the more it backfired. She had never tried to reevaluate her own reasoning.

Just like many women, after spending a long time with their boyfriends, their feelings would fade. They would always threaten the other party with a breakup. After seeing their boyfriends beg for forgiveness and plead for them to stay, only then would these women feel grounded. In reality, when this happened repeatedly, the opposite party’s heart would grow jaded and slowly become indifferent.

In fact, Su Lenghan had loved and pampered her in the beginning. Towards the end, the reason that he didn’t put in as much effort as before was all because of her.

Relatives of the Meng family were all outside greeting their guests. Watching how the couple had yet to leave, they grew anxious.

Meng Xintong’s eyes showed mockery. It was apparent that with a personality like Meng Xinyan’s, it would be shocking if they did come out early.

Amidst the incessant obstacles, time trickled past. Su Lenghan’s pressed his thin lips firmer together, and his expression became worse. Even his sight seemed to turn black.

A best man quietly whispered next to Su Lenghan’s ear, “Young Master Su, we’re running out of time.”

Su Lenghan frowned. If they were late, they would become the laughing stock of the entire Ning An City. He pondered for a while and asked rigidly, “Xinyan, you’re my bride today, and I’m here to fetch you home to become mySu Lenghan’sbride. Do you still remember the first time we met? You made me realize what it felt to like someone. After meeting you, I had something more to look forward to in my life. I miss you, and I want to see you”

At the end of his speech, Su Lenghan simply couldn’t figure out what else to say. He mulled it over and abruptly realized that Meng Xinyan wasn’t actually that wonderful. He had been attracted to her initially, but what about by the end? He seemed to be the only one putting in any effort, the only one giving in to her demands.

Meng Xinyan’s heart stirred; Su Lenghan had never talked so sweetly. However, while she was relishing in his words, he suddenly stopped. What happened?

Meng Xinyan couldn’t help feeling uneasy. She quickly eyed her bridesmaids, who then smirked and tactfully commented, “Wow, Young Master Su is also great at being a sweet-talker. Continue, continue Not enough!”

“That’s right, we still want to hear more! The bride will leave with you only when we’re satisfied!”

“Hurry up, we can’t wait”

“You have to say’ I love you’, so profess your love loudly”

Su Lenghan suddenly felt that he couldn’t verbalize his love. It was as though deep in his heart, he hadn’t loved her that much. He even had a feeling that professing this love would go against his heart.

However, looking at the time, he could only press his brows together. Racking his brains, the only thing he could think of was their beginning. He spoke, “Xinyan, no matter how much time has passed, I will always remember our first meeting, the first time my heart grew attracted to you Will you marry me? Be my wife. I will treat you well in the future and fulfill all my obligations as your husband.” In short, he never confessed his love, but instead promised responsibility. He merely wished to do this responsibly.