Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Patronizing Meng Xinyan

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At that moment, Su Lenghan had a vague inkling of what he felt in his heart. Although it was fuzzy, at least it made him ponder and realize what he truly thought deep down in his heart.

However, it was too late to retreat now. He could only progress forward; the Meng and Su families could only unite in marriage.

Meng Xinyan felt that it still wasn’t enough. She hadn’t heard enough, and he hadn’t said that he loved her! If he didn’t, her heart would feel uneasy.

When the guests noticed that the time had passed, they began whispering amongst themselves. “What’s happening? Isn’t the bride supposed to be picked up at nine? Why is it late? Is something wrong?”

“My sentiments exactly. The royal families have many rules; they’ve never been allowed to be late!”

“Could this, could something have come up? I think the bride isn’t coming out.”

“Could the Meng family be regretting this?”

“That’s possible. I heard that the Meng family wanted to marry their second daughter to the imperial capital, Tian Jing City. They were even arranging matchmaking sessions.”

“Sigh, it’s been two minutes already. Isn’t this such a joke?”

“Do you see how excited those reporters look? I think we’ll be getting reports again tomorrow.”

“It’s a live telecast today, but this segment will probably be removed.”

Taking a look at the time, Father Meng’s expression hardened drastically. He hurriedly dashed into the house to make a call.

When Meng Xinyan answered the phone, she instantly heard her father’s infuriated voice coming from the other end. “Xinyan, what are you doing?! It’s already past nine! Do you want our Meng family to become the laughingstock of the entire Ning An City?”

It was the first time Meng Xinyan’s father had lost his temper in front of her. She raised her head to look at the time and was also startled. She frantically stood up, lifted up her wedding dress and darted outside.

This time, she didn’t need Su Lenghan to speak anymore. She hastily ran to his side and said, “Lenghan, I will be your bride.” With that, she placed her hand on Su Lenghan’s palm.

However, when she lifted her head to take a clear look at Su Lenghan’s expression, her heart skipped a beat. She began to feel nervous; was he annoyed? Why was his face so pale?

Plus, there wasn’t even a hint of a smile on his face at all. He merely looked at Meng Xinyan, watching detachedly as Meng Xinyan reached out her fingers. After some hesitation, he finally held her hand and said, “Let’s go!” There was neither joy nor a trace of a smile. It was as though this was all just an ordinary occasion.

Meng Xinyan recalled what her father just said, and realized that she might have gone overboard. In addition, as she left alongside Su Lenghan, the guests from the Su family all had odd expressions on their faces.

The guests should be offering their blessings, but they couldn’t express it. They were already running behind schedule; congratulating them and conveying their good wishes would surely seem inappropriate.

Therefore, the atmosphere was relatively heavy during the segment of fetching Meng Xinyan.

In the end, when the firecrackers were set off, it seemingly gave the proceedings a hint of elation. The Su family’s guests gradually boarded the cars. Following the fleet of cars that Su Lenghan led, they majestically traveled to the Su family house.

In the car, Su Lenghan lethargically sat in the backseat. Shutting his eyes, he leaned back and did not speak a single word. Meng Xinyan grew nervous and didn’t know what to say.

“Lenghan, I’m about to become your wife.”

Su Lenghan did not open his eyes, but merely stated flatly, “Yes.”

Meng Xinyan watched Su Lenghan behaving in such a manner, and her heart swelled with fury. “Lenghan, I will always remember the words you said to me in my heart. You haven’t even said that you love me!”

Su Lenghan felt his head hurt as it throbbed with a dull pain. He endured it and opened his eyes. With a swift movement, he held the back of Meng Xinyan’s head. Lowering his face, he kissed her. After one kiss, he pushed her away.

“Enough, do you still not know how I feel? I’ve been swamped with the matters of the wedding, so I’m really worn out. I’ll make it up to you when we go home.” Meng Xinyan finally felt consoled with these words.

The kiss lingered in Meng Xinyan’s mind, and her anger subsided. She thought in her heart that she must have been over-thinking things; Su Lenghan still loved her.