Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 217

Chapter 217 A Shoulder To Lean On. Just Cry If You Want To

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After letting her tears flow, Yun Bixue’s entire being felt much more relaxed than before. In the past, she dared not cry, and could not cry, because even if she did, no one would comfort her.

She recalled that she had cried back at the Yun family house. That time, Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru mocked her with biting sarcasm. “You only know how to cry. No one in this house has done you wrong.”

“Hmph, get out if you want to cry. Don’t be an eyesore here!”


Those words were distasteful. She only realized afterward that only those closest and dearest to you would give comfort and feel sorry when you break down.

Those who didn’t love you would only be irritated when you cried, and most definitely wouldn’t sympathize with you.

Thus, when she encountered adversities, she no longer shed tears. She would only staunchly face the past and deal with the present. This is because her tears were worthless, and would only be seen as a joke to outsiders.

However, when she bawled today and watched the tenderness lighting up Xie Limo’s eyes, she then realized that she still had someone who cared for her. It was such a wonderful feeling. She was no longer alone.

Xie Limo sighed softly and wiped away Yun Bixue’s tears. He said, “In the future, just cry if you want to. I will be by your side, okay?” Xie Limo’s voice was melodious and alluring, and his tone revealed his deep empathy and care.

Yun Bixue nodded. “Yes.” As she spoke, her tears made her eyes sparkle. This time, it was because she was moved, and her heart felt warm.

Xie Limo then made a call and instructed, “Let her in!”

Shortly after, a middle-aged woman entered from outside the doors. She was around 50 years old; her figure was petite and rather gaunt. Half of her hair was white, but her gaze was benevolent and affectionate.

Yun Bixue shot up instantaneously. Her emotions stirred up, she trembled and questioned, “Mommy Lu?”

The middle-aged woman firmly clasped her hands with excitement. She staggered forward and called, “Miss Yun!” As she cried out, her eyes revealed a glint of longing.

“Mommy Lu!” As she spoke, Yun Bixue hugged the middle-aged woman. She was someone who had followed and continuously taken care of her mother. She subsequently also took care of Yun Bixue and had dedicated her life to both of them. Mommy Lu loved and pampered her, but after her mother had passed away, Old Lady Shen and Yang Siru had evicted Mommy Lu while she and her grandfather weren’t at home. She was still young at that time and had cried for several days. She wandered back and forth along the streets and waited by the doors of her home daily. She never found her.

“Miss Yun. Miss Yun has already grown upyou’re so pretty now. If Madam were to see your current self, she would be overjoyed.”

Xie Limo excused himself and offered some personal space to the two of them. Yun Bixue and Mommy Lu reminisced about the past. It was only then that Yun Bixue discovered that Yang Siru had sent Mommy Lu overseas. Mommy Lu had a harsh time. Because she had no money, she couldn’t return home. She missed Yun Bixue every day and never stopped worrying about her. However, she had no choice. She constantly worked in secret to amass some money, wishing to accumulate enough to purchase a flight ticket back home. Yet, Yang Siru would arrange for someone to snatch the money away each time.

Nevertheless, she wouldn’t give up and continued to persevere. It was also this grim decade that made her figure turn gaunt and accelerated her aging.

Mommy Lu truly pampered Yun Bixue. She didn’t have a family of her own and had always served Yun Bixue’s mother. She had also witnessed Yun Bixue’s birth and maturity. To her, Yun Bixue was just like her child.

As the two of them reminisced, Yun Bixue was in great spirits. In the future, she would be supporting Mommy Lu in her retirement.

Just like her childhood days, she would act spoiled towards Mommy Lu, and Mommy Lu would coddle her. She then realized that the Mousse of Spring had been prepared by Mommy Lu.

Yun Bixue was touched by everything that Xie Limo had done for her.

“Young Master Xie is so great. Bixue, now that you’re together with Young Master Xie, Mommy Lu can rest assured. If your mother could see you like this, she would also feel happy.”

Yun Bixue replied in contentment, “Yes, Mommy Lu. He’s great, and also very kind to me.”