Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 219

Chapter 219 The Su And Meng Families' Wedding Banquet

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In particular, Meng Xinyan was exploiting this opportunity to lean against Su Lenghan. She wanted to broadcast to everyone through television and let them see that she, Meng Xinyan, was incredible. In addition, she wanted to announce to others that Young Master Su pampered her.

The words that she spoke actually sounded intentional, as though they were directed at a certain someone.

Yun Bixue watched the live telecast on the big screen, and her mouth twitched. She was in great spirits and wasn’t about to take anything that she heard to heart. Moreover, she had spent a sufficiently long period with Su Lenghan previouslyshe understood his character.

At this moment, although Su Lenghan was smiling, it was apparent that he felt annoyed, and his face was even somewhat stiff.

She also wonderedcompared to what Xie Limo had done for her, the things Su Lenghan did for Meng Xinyan were absolutely nothing enviable.

She even felt that if she’d never met Xie Limo, and if he hadn’t continuously pampered her, she would surely feel down in the dumps today. Perhaps, she might even feel depressed over Meng Xinyan’s words.

However, it was different now. She hadn’t felt as affected as she’d imagined herself to be. She was on cloud nine and even anticipated going over to watch the entertaining scenes unfold.

Meng Xinyan was not aware that her lofty and high-sounding boasts had offended a group of women. Most of them had regarded Young Master Su as their dream husband. So you’re saying that you’ve secured him? You low-life! Don’t flaunt yourself like that and make everyone resent you out of jealousy.

Meng Xinyan wasn’t aware that her inability on how to tone down her actions would bring about mockery and disdaininstead of assistanceduring her later periods of desolation.

Mother Su understood her son. Looking at the drained expression on her son’s face, she felt rather anguished.

She also heard that Meng Xinyan had purposely embarrassed her son during the bride-fetching segment. She recalled that to satisfy Meng Xinyan, many segments had to be modified and perfected. Her son hadn’t rested properly in the last two days.

The more she thought about it, the more discontented she felt towards Meng Xinyan.

After everyone had arrived and the time was right, the emcee began speaking. They had even invited a top-tier singer to offer the first congratulatory song. Afterward, the wedding march started to play. Su Lenghan led Meng Xinyan as they walked along the red carpet and arrived on the podium.

Meng Xinyan was so ecstatic that the corners of her mouth were stretched wide with glee. Right at this moment, Yun Mengshi and Su Lengxian entered from the door.

Su Lenghan noticed the two of them and frowned. Meng Xinyan’s smile hardened, and her complexion turned pale. Why were they both here? Didn’t she tell Su Lenghan that one of her requirements towards the Su family was not to see Su Lengxian?

Why did she still appear?

The instant Su Lengxian entered, she yelled, “Elder Brother, I will expose all Meng Xinyan’s schemes today! I don’t want her to be my sister-in-law!”

Father Su bellowed, “Nonsense! Someone, take this unfilial daughter away!” Father Su was aware of his daughter’s temperament. Because she had always been spoiled, she wouldn’t hesitate to overturn the world to attain her goals.

Father Su was a patriarchal person who valued men and belittled women. It didn’t matter what happened to his daughter. She would ultimately be married to someone else, but his son was different. Even if it meant forsaking his daughter, he had to guard his son’s honor.

Thus, when Su Lengxian had met with a mishap earlier, Father Su was enraged and had announced that he had disowned her.

“Dad, I wanted to say”

Pak!Father Su was so livid that he delivered a harsh slap right onto Su Lengxian’s face.

“Dad, you hit me?” Su Lengxian looked at her father in disbelief. She directed her hatred all onto Meng Xinyan. It was all because of her! If it hadn’t been for Meng Xinyan, her father wouldn’t have hit her.

“I’ve disowned a daughter like you. Go away!”

Su Lengxian stomped her feet and replied resentfully, “Okay, I’ll remember this! That Meng Xinyan has committed so many vicious deeds. She even incited me to harm Yun Bixue. Were you aware of that? Haha, I won’t speak anymore. Don’t regret this!” She wasn’t fond of Yun Bixue, but she wanted to ruin Meng Xinyan. That’s why she wanted to expose all her deeds.