Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 220

Chapter 220 A Two Faced Woman

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Mother Su looked at her daughter; her heart ached, but she also felt distraught. What occasion were they in? The marriage alliance between the Su and Meng families! Everyone in the entire Ning An City would be watching, and the tiniest bit of mistake wasn’t allowed.

However, Su Lengxian was truly exceptional and had specially come to wreak havoc. It was all her fault; she had spoiled her daughter.

She looked at the guests around her. All of them were ridiculing the current scene.

In fact, Zhou Yang had also tagged along. However, he kept a low-profile and had almost no sense of presence. Noticing that Su Lengxian had been slapped, he hurriedly dashed over in ‘distress’ and held her by her shoulders.

Su Lengxian suddenly felt emotional. Everyone had deserted her and criticized her; everyone except Zhou Yang. Zhou Yang supported her in everything she did.

He lowered his head and spoke close to Su Lengxian’s ear, “Don’t feel afraid. I’m here.” In addition, he had gotten rid of several security guards who tried to approach Su Lengxian earlier with just a few kicks.

What a joke. He’d been trained by the Xie family, so how could these security guards be his match?

He looked at Father Su with animosity. “Uncle, Lengxian is your daughter in any case. Forget that you forbade her from participating in this wedding ceremony, you even stopped her from speaking her mind. Are you afraid that your shameful dealings will be revealed? Or could it be that the Su and Meng families are allying through marriage because both sides covet each others’ status and power, and not because of the people involved? Lengxian only meant wellshe feared that Su Lengxian would marry a two-faced woman!”

In that moment, the guests were all collectively focused on Su Lengxian. Thus, Zhou Yang’s words had captured everyone’s ears.

It led to the inevitable conjectures. Although most of the marriages between the royal families were made to fortify their powers and statuses, it felt different to hear it articulated without any concealment.

Meng Xinyan’s face turned pale, and she glared vehemently at Su Lengxian. That idiot! She should have gotten someone to keep an eye on her.

Meng Xinyan’s eyes were almost bulging out. She fiercely pinched Su Lenghan’s arm.

Su Lenghan’s arm hurt and he looked towards Meng Xinyan. At that moment, he saw the distorted and evil expression written all over her face. His heart was startled.Is this person wearing such a twisted expression actually Xinyan?

Why was Meng Xinyan, whom he’d always thought to be sweet-tempered, looking like that? Su Lenghan couldn’t care less about his younger sister. He kept watching Meng Xinyan, and countless thoughts surged through his mind. His expressions changed without ceasing.

Meng Xinyan felt bitterness in her heart, and her gaze looked like it was laced with poison. She felt a deep sense of unease. Who was this man? When Su Lengxian had been exposed by the reporters, it had caused a huge ruckus. Could this be the same man from that night?

Wasn’t he just a pretty boy toy? Why were his martial arts skills so impressive? It made it difficult for them to chase Su Lengxian away.

Father Su grew anxious as well; after all, Meng Xinyan was his daughter. Meng Xintong, who was standing close to Father Su, clearly observed the look in her father’s eyes. She smirked in mockery. She, Meng Xintong, had experienced so many incidents since her younger days, and she had never seen her father so worried.

She then withdrew her gloating expression and pretended to be angered on Meng Xinyan’s behalf. “Sir, are you saying that my younger sister is two-faced? Also, Miss Su, you just said that my younger sister committed many evil acts? I know my younger sister. She’s the best debutante in Ning An City, and she’s known to be demure and kind. Our actions are honorable, so we naturally wouldn’t fear any idle rumors. Speak your mind! If we discover that you’re intentionally wreaking havoc, my Meng family will seek justice!”

Father Meng looked at his daughter in relief. He kept thinking that Meng Xintong was more sensible. As her father, he had neglected her in the past.

Chen Pei glowered at Meng Xintong furiously.That b*tch! She’s only scared that the people won’t be aware that the Meng family had a daughter like her. It’s my own biological daughter’s wedding, but this b*tch is stealing all the limelight.