Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Meng Xinyan's Distorted Face

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A mass of guests looked at Meng Xintong. They pondered over her words and realized that this elegant and poised lady was the real eldest daughter of the Meng family. She was much better in comparison to that Meng Xinyan.

“This is the eldest daughter of the Meng family right? At one glance, she appears classy and looks pretty. Why haven’t we seen her before?”

“You wouldn’t know. Let me tell you something in confidence: that’s the child of the first wife of the Meng family. In fact, this Madam is actually a mistress. Today’s bride is the second daughter of the Meng family.”

“Tsk tsk. This lady is much better. She’s kind and righteous, and even protects her step-mother and sister without regard for the past.”

“That’s right! She should be the real debutante and virtuous lady!”

“And as for that second daughter, did she really do something shameless?”

“Didn’t you catch what they said just now? ‘Two-faced’, it’s indeed possible!”

“Daughter of a mistress. How amazing could she be?”

As Meng Xinyan listened to those words, she ground her teeth. That Meng Xintong was doing this on purpose! She was definitely doing it on purpose! She made it sound like she was defending Meng Xinyan, but with careful contemplation, it was obvious that she was intentionally throwing shade at her!

Meng Xinyan was welling up with pent-up anger but had nowhere to vent it. She wanted to rage and scream and chase all these people out, but she could only put up with it.

Su Lenghan’s heart was peaceful, but he also felt very perturbed. Those words that Lenghan vowed made him rather hesitant. Could he have missed out on something all this time?

He understood his younger sister to a certain extent. Despite being spoiled, Lengxian would never willfully wreak havoc during such an occasion. She must have felt immensely displeased in her heart.

He used to like Meng Xinyan for her gentleness, beauty, and elegance. As the best debutante, she was terrific. He’d also looked forward to her help in looking after his parents and younger sister. However, as he thought about it now, it seemed as though everything was running counter to his desires. His mother disapproved of her, and his younger sister hated her.

Su Lenghan shut his eyes, and the corners of his lips arched upwards into a faint curve. Regardless of what happened, this was his choice, wasn’t it?

Meng Xinyan had behaved too pretentiously. If she had continued to show consideration for Su Lenghan, he could always protect her no matter what she did. However, she had repeatedly challenged Su Lenghan’s limits with her actions. She nitpicked before the wedding and had gone overboard during the segment on fetching her today.

Even if a man had a good temper, his heart would inevitably grow cold too.

Because of Meng Xintong’s words, many guests took turns trying to persuade Father Su, “Old Brother Su, this is your daughter. You shouldn’t do this. If there are any issues, you should just talk through it now.”

“That’s right. Everyone is watching. It isn’t good to make things awkward, right? Plus, this has dragged on for a long time. We’re waiting for the ceremony!”

“They’re both your children. Your daughter is also a gem to be cherished. You can’t just pay attention to your son. Miss Su also means well for the Su family.”

Many tried to coax him, but most of them just wanted to make a joke out of it, wanting to watch the entertaining scene unfold.

Father and Mother Su couldn’t respond, in fear of offending the guests. Mother Su’s head especially ached. Since she had kept herself busy preparing for the wedding, she hadn’t slept properly for the entire period of time. She had been unbearably exhausted long ago.

Father Su kept silent, and his face turned ashen.

On the contrary, Meng Xintong muttered next to Father Meng’s ear. Father Meng opened his mouth and said, “Miss Su, if you harbor any misconceptions regarding my daughter, you may voice it out now. I can vouch for my daughter.”

Hearing these words, both mother, Chen Pei, and daughter, Meng Xinyan, almost passed out.

Watching that scene and then listening to the live telecast on the big screen, Yun Bixue almost wanted to applaud Meng Xintong.

She looked at Xie Limo and said, “Meng Xintong’s performance is pretty impressive.”

“It’s all because you guided her well.”

Yun Bixue was taken aback. “How did you know?”