Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 222

Chapter 222 The Truth

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Xie Limo smiled without saying a word, and his gaze was gentle. He wasn’t about to tell her that in order to avenge his silly wife, he had already arranged for the Xie family subordinates to add fuel to the fire to all those who had done her wrong.

Looking at the astute glint in Xie Limo’s eyes, Yun Bixue replied cheerlessly, “I can’t hide anything from you.” Her husband was simply too capable; she still needed to work harder to be able to reach his standards, let alone the level of an experienced and crafty fox.

Back at the scene, Father Meng’s words had given Su Lengxian ample reason to speak her mind.

Su Lengxian covered her face and began to reveal everything, “You all have no idea about Meng Xinyan’s plots. In the beginning, she intentionally got close to me and spoke ill about Yun Bixue. I was foolish back then and believed her words. I even followed her and came between my elder brother and Yun Bixue’s relationship Afterward, Meng Xinyan kept asking me about my elder brother’s whereabouts. I would tell her, and she would intentionally set up chance meetings with him”

From the moment Su Lengxian started speaking, the guests’ eyes gradually widened as they listened. To have such a back-story in the past; one couldn’t help but gasp!

The initially lively atmosphere abruptly turned heavy and silent. Besides Su Lengxian’s voice, not a sound could be heard.

Watching the crowd’s reactions, Su Lengxian smiled with satisfaction. However, the pain she felt on her face reminded her to continue sarcastically, “In reality, Meng Xinyan took a liking to my elder brother first. She finally got my elder brother to woo her Even now, I can’t help but admit that Yun Bixue was truly wonderful back then. She would always deliver meals to my elder brother Yun Bixue put so much into their relationship, but Meng Xinyan only made my elder brother give in to her I noticed all of it Meng Xinyan even hired someone to drug Yun Bixue in Luxury Emperor She secretly contacted the reporters and allowed them to catch her red-handed I even suspect that Meng Xinyan was the one pulling the strings when I got drugged and sent me to a stranger’s bed. Can you still say that she did nothing?”

Wanting to further incite Su Lengxian’s fury, Zhou Yang added, “Lengxian is right. I am that man. I didn’t even know Lengxian previously”

Zhou Yang’s words reverberated through the venue like an explosion. The crowd watched Meng Xinyan as her expressions changed. They seemed to see through her appearance and into her malevolent heart.

Meng Xinyan couldn’t stand their stares. They were all full of suspicion, contempt, and disdain. Her body swayed and she shook her head with great force. “No, I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! Su Lengxian, don’t slander me!” She had always been adored and respected by others. When had she ever been slighted by like this? Plus, today was her big day with Su Lenghan!

Even Su Lenghan looked at her with a doubtful gaze.

Father Meng was also in disbelief. The daughter that he had always been proud of had done such a lowly act. He was momentarily speechless.

Nearby, several middle-aged sisters looked at Chen Pei, whose decrepit face was flushed red. Many were discussing how Meng Xinyan was truly the daughter of a mistress.

They called me a mistress. It’s already a thing of the past. Why are they bringing it up again?Most gazes were full of contempt as they stared at her.

Meng Xintong observed it all, and she had never felt so thrilled before. It had been more than twenty years. Ever since her mother passed away, Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan had taken over the Meng family. She had no other choice but to lie low and bear with it silently. At that moment, she suddenly felt overjoyed in her heart.

She had Yun Bixue to thank for everything that transpired today.

“Is that true? You can prove it just by getting that person here!”

As she spoke, a car drove past. Someone was flung off the car and fell flat right in the middle of the venue.

Noticing that person, Meng Xinyan desperately wanted to faint.