Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Madam Xie Shows Up

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This was the person that Meng Xinyan had searched for to harm Yun Bixue. In fact, this was the only thing that she did, and the other accusations were all baseless. However, only one piece of evidence would be sufficient. Even if she hadn’t done the rest, the others would still believe otherwise.

She had definitely settled matters with that person and bribed him to go away. Why was he here?

That person was around 30 years old. His hair and beard were disheveled, and he had sly-looking, narrow eyes. At that moment, his gaze was filled with fear. He had just experienced a round of ‘torture’.

He would either spill the truth about what happened back then or else lose his life.

He began to ramble on about how Meng Xinyan had hired him several months ago. He ended with the sentence, “Miss Meng said that it was the only way to make Young Master Su hate Miss Yun completelythat way Miss Yun would never dare to compete with her for Young Master Su again!”

“This is all slander!”

“Miss Meng, you’re the one who said those words. How could you not admit it? Plus, in order to guarantee that you’ll pay your end of the bargain, I made sure to record our conversations.”

As he spoke, he fished out a voice recording pen and pressed a button.“Hmph, Yun Bixue, that idiotic b*tch This way, she’ll have to stop fighting with me. How dare she try to snatch away something that belongs to me, Meng Xinyan? She’s overestimating herself. Don’t worry, when the task is completed, I’ll give you the full sum that I promised So, you have to keep your mouth shut! If anyone were to find out, you should know that the Meng family’s men of sacrifice will totally vanquish you”

Hearing these words being played from the voice recording pen, many people widened their eyes in shock, and some of them even gasped aloud. It was utterly unbelievable. Was this what the best debutante was capable of? Wasn’t this too terrifying?

This woman was ruthless and truly vicious.

The bridesmaids desperately wanted to find a hole in the ground and hide in it. It’s over, how could they have become the bridesmaids of someone like her? They had lost their reputations! This was being broadcasted livePfftthey almost spewed out blood from agitation.

Meng Xinyan’s head started to spin, and her legs felt unsteady. If Su Lenghan hadn’t firmly grabbed her arm, she truly wished to lose her consciousness just like that.

Su Lenghan’s gaze was filled with anguish, disbelief, and also a trace of frustration and remorse.

“Really unexpected So unexpected”

“Why did they ever regard such a woman as a gem? This Su family, how could they take that witch as a wife She’s too vicious. They’re both women; how could she have committed those deeds?”

“If Young Master Xie hadn’t protected Miss Yun back then, it’s obvious what would’ve happened”

“Just thinking about it makes my scalp feel numb In the future, stay away from the second daughter of the Meng family, you hear me? Don’t be corrupted by bad examples.”

“Mom, didn’t you ask me to get closer to her?”

“What best debutante? She’s the most wicked woman around! Never go near her.”

Click, click!The reporters began taking pictures and videos excitedly. It was too mind-blowing. This news would definitely be sensational.

Although there were many guests at the venue, most were respected figures from royal families. Many common citizens hadn’t learned of this yet. Thus, the reporters had to hurry back to report this.

Just as the venue was thrown into a state of chaos, an extremely luxurious car halted outside the venue. Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue alighted from the car.

Yun Bixue was clad in a pale pink evening gown. She looked grand and elegant, beautiful and refined. Young Master Xie donned a light blue suit. He looked noble and exquisite, and his figure was incomparably dazzling.

When the two of them alighted from the car, they instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Xie Limo gently tidied Yun Bixue’s hair, and Yun Bixue sweetly held Xie Limo’s arm with a smile. In front of the media and everyone else, they appeared very loving. What torture to all the single people!