Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Loving Torturous

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Xie Limo lowered his head slightly and whispered tenderly beside Yun Bixues ear, Naughty! He knew she was doing it on purpose.

Yun Bixue smiled secretly. The only reason she could come here with such confidence was all because she had Xie Limo by her side.

Meng Xinyans face was turning blue. Watching Yun Bixues innocent appearance, she wanted to lunge forward and rip the latter to shreds. Looking at how beautiful Yun Bixue was, she felt even more jealous.

She looked at Su Lenghan; he was actually staring at Yun Bixue in the same way. His bride was right by his side, and he wasnt even glancing at her. Instead, he was looking at someone else. Was he regretting his decision?

Nevertheless, it was useless to feel any regrets. Su Lenghan was hers. Even if she lost her reputation today, she would still grab onto Su Lenghan firmly, her lifesaver. She definitely couldnt lose him.

The crowd snapped back from their shock. After the reporters regained their composure, they frantically ran to Yun Bixue and Young Master Xie. They began bombarding them with continuous questions, each reporter vying to interview them.

Miss Yun, sources say that you were on great terms with Young Master Su in the past. In the end, Young Master Su ditched you. Is that true?

Miss Yun, Miss Meng previously tried to frame you. What do you have to say about that?

Miss Yun, did the Su family kick the Yun family away when the latter declared bankruptcy?

Miss Yun, did you harbor strong affections for Young Master Su

Young Master Xie, what do you think?

Miss Yun

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo smiled elegantly. They both waited until the reporters were almost done with their questions before gesturing with their hands to appease the crowd.

Yun Bixue answered slowly, Im sure everyone is curious, so Ill clarify things here and now. In the beginning, my Yun family and the Su family indeed had an engagement. However, the Su family were unwilling to disclose it to outsiders back then. And after the Yun family was declared bankrupt, the Su family chose the Meng family. Regarding this matter, I have no opinions, because from the start till the end, my Yun family has never wronged anyone!

In addition, I have a partner by my sideone whom I wish to grow old with. That person is Xie Limo, and our relationship is wonderful. I hope that everyone will stop speculating about my relationship with other people.

Yun Bixue paused for a while and continued, With regards to someone elses schemes, I dont wish to investigate any further. This is because todays situation is the best outcome. There is someone who loves and pampers me by my side. I cherish him, and I feel content just by being with him.

After Yun Bixue concluded her speech, all the hundreds of guests present at the venue felt touched. Her bearing was elegant, graceful, and kind. She should be the top socialite!

The Su family didnt deserve such a brilliant daughter-in-law. They suddenly had an intriguing thoughtthe Su family favored the powerful and trampled on the weakthey were snobs. They definitely suited the members of the Meng family. A snob and an evil woman would make a great match, wouldnt it?

Many of the young ladies who came to attend the wedding ceremony had been envious of Meng Xinyan and admired Young Master Su. Now, they no longer held them in such high regards.

They suddenly felt fortunate to have witnessed this scene, with every person understanding what it meant to have principles.

Xie Limo wrapped his arm gently around Yun Bixues shoulders. He replied magnanimously, My Xue-er suffered many grievances in the past. No one had discovered the goodness in her. I wish for everyones blessingsXue-er and I will be holding an international wedding ceremony. If anyone wants to join us, feel free to do so. We welcome you! Ill inform everyone of the exact date when its confirmed.

Many young ladies watched as their eyes swelled with admiration. How enviousthey were so loving that it was simply torturous! They couldnt take it, he was their real idol! He could crush Young Master Su beneath him any time!

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo laughed as they looked at each other. They could see their own silhouette in the others eyes. Thats right, this was the best outcome.

The camera flashes were ceaseless. The reporters were also envious and eagerly tried to capture this scene.