Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 226

Chapter 226 The Groom Su Faints

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As Su Lenghan watched the scene unfold, the light in his eyes gradually darkened and turned still. He stiffly remained in his original position, his thin lips pressed into a firm line.

Father and Mother Sus faces looked extremely sour, as though they had just eaten a fly. Su Lengxian seemed to be unaffected by the commotion she caused. Excluding her elder brother, she had long felt no affections towards the Su family.

This was because Father Su had declared that he didnt have a daughter like her when she most needed help.

Moreover, Zhou Yang had constantly encouraged and comforted her. He told her that shed been very brave and that shed meant well for her elder brother. Therefore, Su Lengxian never felt that she had committed any mistakes.

Meng Xintong was filled with gratitude as she watched Yun Bixue. Taking another look at Chen Peis ghastly pale face, she felt extraordinarily carefree. It had been many years since she last felt this overjoyed.

Father Meng seemed to have taken a severe beating, and couldnt snap out of his shock at all.

After the reporters finished interviewing Yun Bixue and Xie Limo, they moved on to interrogate Su Lenghan and Meng Xinyan.

Young Master Su, did you really favor the powerful and trample on the weak in the past? Did you choose the Meng family after seeing that the Yun family was on the decline?

Did you know that Miss Meng deliberately tried to get closer to you back then?

Young Master Su, Miss Meng mentioned earlier in the banquet hall that you tried to woo her, and you treated her kindly. Is that all true as well?

Do you regret breaking the engagement with the Yun family? Do you feel guilty? Or are you unaffected by it?

Miss Meng, how did you come up with those malicious ideas? In other words, Miss Meng snatched away Young Master Su from Miss Yun. I heard that your mother was a mistress, it seems like youre the same too

Faced with the reporters harsh questioning, Meng Xinyan took great pains to explain. She yelled, Su Lenghan and I have already registered our marriage! Were officially together! Stop with your slanderous remarks!

The reporters were taken aback by her shrewish scream. Was that a sound Meng Xinyan had made? It was horrifying!

Su Lenghan was already feeling exhausted. At that moment, there was a buzzing in his head, and he couldnt process his thoughts at all. The reporters were especially pushing his body to its limits.

With a bang, Su Lenghan fainted! It startled everyone present at the venue.

Mother Su turned pale with panic. Lenghan, Lenghan, what happened to you? My son

Similarly, Meng Xinyan couldnt regain her composure. Lenghan, ahhh, why did you faint?! It was her wedding ceremony today, and the groom had passed out. Wasnt this a complete joke?

Hurry, hurry! Call the ambulance!

Quick, everyone, move away! Let him breathe!

Hurry up, emergency!

Boohoo, my son! Its all your fault, its all your fault! If you hadnt constantly nitpicked and complained about all those details you were so unsatisfied with, my son wouldnt be so exhausted Mother Su grasped at Meng Xinyan forcefully, extremely angered with her.

Isnt it all your fault that you wanted to take care of everything? You took charge of this and that

Chen Pei noticed her daughter being bullied, and fury engulfed her. I say, my in-laws, your sons health is so fragile. He simply fainted just by standing for some time. What kind of standard is this? How could you blame his physical fitness on my daughter? Why dont you take a look at your son He looks so malnourished.

What did you say? My son is malnourished? He became this way because your daughter ruined and sabotaged him! Such vicious thoughts yet she still wants to be with my son

Chen Pei and Mother Su started fighting within an instant. Father Meng snapped out of his daze and tried to mediate the squabble with Father Su. Finally, the two families ended up coming to blows.

The fight probably wouldnt have stopped if the ambulance hadnt arrived.

The wedding ceremony thus ended with Su Lenghan fainting and the two families fighting each other.

In the end, with no more entertaining scenes left, Xie Limo walked away with Yun Bixue in his arms.