Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Manipulating The Stock Markets

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Su Lenghan became the first groom to faint because of a wedding. This wedding of the century thus became the subject of ridicule throughout Ning An City.

The live telecast, coupled with the reporters articles, led to the uncontrollable spread of the incident online and on the news. The Su and Meng families became the most trending topics, and everyone quickly learned of this farce.

On the streets, everyone treated Meng Xinyan with contempt, and she no longer dared to walk around in public. She wanted to visit Su Lenghan at the hospital, but Mother Su refused her attempts, as though she regarded Meng Xinyan as her enemy.

Chen Pei was even more livid. She dragged her daughter away and stormed home. Her son fainted yet shes blaming my daughter. If she doesnt want us to visit, then we wont! Lets go home. Theres no need for us to seek suffering here.

Get lost, get lost, all of you get lost! Mother Su no longer cared about her reputation. Nothing was more important than her son regaining consciousness.

Should we get lost just because you told us to? What a joke!

Your daughter is evil! Of all people, why did she have to pick my son? Arent you just trying to ruin him? For the past few days, Mother Su had been so furious that her blood pressure was constantly raised. Because she was worried about her son, she had to endure it. Otherwise, she would have already been hospitalized.

Chen Pei was annoyed. Tsk, tsk. Such nice words. If you hadnt been a snob and chosen my Meng family after the Yun familys bankruptcy, would you still have what you have now? Stop talking as though youre so wonderful. Youll make everyone laugh their heads off

Just like that, the two families kept brawling incessantly, and the atmosphere grew horribly oppressive. Since everyone was already aware of their situation, they were no longer afraid to lose face.

Within this period of time, Zhou ZinanMiao Zifus younger brotherpersonally controlled Ning An Citys stock markets. He truly had a Gold Finger. He ensured that the stocks of the Su Family Organization and the Meng familys properties fell repeatedly until their shares almost became worthless. On the other hand, when the stock prices were at their lowest, the Snow Cloud Group began to aggressively acquire them. In the end, they became a major shareholder of both the Su and Meng families.

In the future, Yun Bixue would have the opportunity to participate in the shareholders meetings.

When she discovered the news, she was startled. She asked Zhou Zinan, Did you do this?

Zhou Zinan rubbed his hands meekly and gave a bashful reply, Miss, I was only helping Elder Sister and myself. Elder Sister also told me to work hard alongside you to repay you. I dont know what to do, so I only had this to offer.

Yun Bixue looked at the equity shares in her hands, and she exclaimed in disbelief. This Could it be that she unintentionally uncovered a gem? He was indeed the top Gold Finger internationally!

Watching Yun Bixues expression, Zhou Zinan lowered his head and muttered, Miss Yun, dont get mad. I considered how they took advantage of you in the past, and I wanted to avenge you. I cant do anything else, I only know this.

Ah haha Zinan, you truly are a wonderful younger brother! Well done, well done! Youve given me a great deal of help. Ill offer you a bonus for this month. When Yun Bixue snapped out of her daze, she was so elated that her eyes were curved from smiling. Everything appeared pleasing to her eyes.

How could the weather be so clear and lovely? That day, everyone in the Snow Cloud Group noticed Miss Yun from the Human Resource department smiling at everyone. This was simply an impossible occurrence.

Although President Yang was the first-in-command, the employees of Snow Cloud Group all felt that the last person they should offend was actually Miss Yun.

They definitely werent aware that Yun Bixue was the true owner of the Snow Cloud Group.

Yun Bixue was on cloud nine. They would be flying off the next day. Xie Limo settled all the work matters that he was currently dealing with. Together, they flew on the Xie familys private plane to Country E to visit Yun Bixues younger sister.