Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 228

Chapter 228 The Story With Her Younger Sister

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On the plane, Yun Bixue pulled Xie Limo along cheerfully and talked about her younger sister. My younger sister might be 17 years old, but shes very sensible. Her personality is strong, and shes quite different from me. I remember that she was only this tall in the past. She once tried to punch Yang Siru even though she only reached her waist. In the end, her face ended up badly beaten. I knew she wanted to avenge me, but when I asked her what happened, she said that she fell. Im older than her by a few years, so how could she look like that from a fall? She was so silly

The more she reminisced, the more Yun Bixue missed her younger sister. It was as though her younger sister had been protecting her ever since they were young. Her tomboyish nature made her too impulsive, and thus Yun Bixue couldnt rest assured with her younger sister by her side. Therefore, she quietly sent her younger sister overseas.

Her younger sisters documents were all in her hands, and thus her sister had no passport and couldnt return home. Several years ago, she threw a temper and insisted on coming back. However, she had quietened down significantly these past two years.

Thinking of her younger sister, Yun Bixues expression looked gentle and mellow.

Xie Limo caressed her head. He had listened quietly and felt sorry for the two sisters. Dont worry, your younger sister is also my younger sister.

This was great. She could finally bring her husband to visit her younger sister. She didnt know what kind of reaction that girl would show. Shed been hanging out with that girl Bai Yaoyao recently, so shed grown increasingly improper.

Yun Bixue laughed and spoke, With that personality of hers, my head hurts at the thought of that personality .

No matter how much your head hurts, shes still your younger sister!

Yun Bixue continued explaining, You have no idea how many fights shes been in to protect me. Shes obviously smaller than me, yet she would always hug me and promise to protect me. As she spoke, Yun Bixue couldnt contain her tears. She hadnt confided in anyone regarding the matters of the past, especially not to Su Lenghan.

However, in front of Xie Limo, she couldnt help wanting to share the stories she kept in her heart.

When I was in junior high school and she was in primary school, I was bullied by my school mates. When she found out, she brought her gang of brothers from her primary school without a second thought, and then dashed to the junior high division to look for those bullies for a gang fight Did you know? The bullies from junior high were a head taller than all of them. She actually avenged me without a care. Do you know what those bullies said after that? Yun Bixues eyes glistened. Thinking back to it now, she felt like laughing. Her heart was filled with warmth.

Xie Limo arched his exquisite brows and asked, Oh, what did they say?

They said that theyd never try to bully me anymore. They said that the others fought like crazy, but my younger sister fought like her life was on the line!

Xie Limo gently wiped away the tears in Yun Bixues eyes and said softly, Your younger sister is very sensible. She knows how to protect her elder sister.

Back then, my personality was too meek. But I know that my younger sister suffered greatly too. I had to work hard to grow tougher in order to help her. Therefore, I took the initiative to tell my grandfather that I wanted to learn martial arts. Grandfather then made the arrangements for me.

Yun Bixue recalled that once, her younger sister had feebly clung onto her leg as she sat outside the schools gates. Her heart ached so much that it almost shattered into pieces. The primary school teacher said that her younger sister was a good-for-nothing and did all sorts of dishonest activities. She was only involved in a fight, yet the school would be expelling her.

However, in order not to worry Yun Bixue, her younger sister had crouched by the door, hoping that her teacher wouldnt chase her away.

In the end, her grandfather had stepped up and transferred her younger sister to another primary school, and then junior high school.

With a light sigh, Yun Bixue said, When she was at a sensible age in junior high school, my younger sister chopped off her long hair. She said, Elder Sister, there are no boys in our family. I will be your younger brother in the future. No one can take advantage of us anymore.